Major penetration tool upgrade gets sysadmin hearts beating
Source: Matthew Broersma - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Host Security A major update to highly regarded open-source penetration testing tool Metasploit Framework (MSF) has been released by its volunteer developers. MSF is designed to exploit dozens of security holes with just a few clicks.

MSF 2.3, which made its debut on Tuesday after nearly five months of development, adds twelve new exploits and several new payloads, as well as speed and functionality improvements, developers said. The framework can be used to test several Unix systems, including Solaris and Mac OS X, as well as Windows and Linux, and comes with a total of 46 exploits and 68 payloads. It runs on most operating systems that can interpret the Perl scripting language, according to developers.

Exploitation framework tools such as Metasploit, which automate the exploitation of vulnerabilities, are increasingly important for protecting networks, according to industry observers. That's because of the increasing speed and efficiency with which attackers are able to make use of vulnerabilities, using automated tools of their own, analysts say.

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