Not Dead Yet: NT Gets Patches Even Though Support's Over
Source: TechWeb News - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Host Security Although Microsoft has repeatedly warned users of Windows NT that security fixes would cease and desist as of Jan. 1, 2005, January's regularly-scheduled patches actually included one for the obsolete and retired operating system.

The "Critical" bug in Windows' HTML Help has been patched for NT 4.0 Server SP 6a and NT 4.0 Server Terminal Edition SP6, said Microsoft in documentation accompanying the patch, because "the end-of-life [support] occurred very recently" and "most of the steps that are required to address this vulnerability were completed before this date."

Don't expect a repeat, however, or Microsoft to change its mind about ending all but custom support contracts for Windows NT.

"We do not anticipate doing this for future vulnerabilities that may affect this operating system," Microsoft went on to say.

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