Open-Source Tool Roots Out More Exploits
Source: Dennis Fisher - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Host Security A group of security volunteers on Tuesday released a new version of an advanced open-source framework for developing, testing and using exploits.

The Metasploit Framework 2.3 is the latest evolution of a project that began as a lark and has turned into a serious tool for penetration testing and exploit development.

The framework, which is written in Perl and runs on most Unix systems and Windows, is a somewhat less formal version of pen-testing tools such as Core Security Technologies Inc.'s Core Impact or Immunity Inc.'s Canvas, but it is designed to be every bit as powerful and easy to use.

The new version contains a host of updated capabilities and an expanded library of custom-made exploits and payloads, usable against vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux and some Unix variants.

The framework is fronted by a clean user interface and it takes just a few clicks to get to the point where users can enter an IP address and port number and run an exploit against a target system.

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