Say 'No' to Bad Code
Source: Jim Rapoza - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Security Opinion: Clean software at the start will save time and money—not to mention customers—down the road.

"So, Charles, tell me: How are your computer systems running?"

"Quite excellently, James, quite excellently. For months now, I've seen neither hide nor hair of a security problem or vulnerability in any of my software applications."

"That's splendid, Charles, just splendid. Of course, things have been grand for all of us since users and companies put their foot down and forced software developers to start producing clean, concise, secure code."

"Ah, yes, James. Remember those silly old days when we were constantly patching systems and scanning the news for problems poised to affect our applications? I shudder to think of all the money I invested in patch management systems."

"Well, things are much better now, Charles. But enough of this computer talk, Babbage, I do believe it's cocktail time. And, I say, look who's here to join us. It's Alexander Hamilton, Daffy Duck and the young Elizabeth Taylor."

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