New Cell Phone Malware Packs Double Punch
Source: Ryan Naraine - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Wireless Security Anti-virus researchers have issued warnings for yet another strain of malware affecting Symbian smart phone devices, the latest using a combination of tactics to spread.

Less than a month after the detection of the "Skulls" Trojan dropping copies of the Cabir virus on Symbian-based cell phones, another mutant has appeared that is both a virus and a worm, F-Secure warned in an advisory.

"[This one] combines two spreading tactics, which is common in PC malware but previously unheard of in mobile systems," the Helsinki, Finland-based F-Secure said.

The malware, named Lasco.A, spreads itself by searching all SIS installation files in the infected device, and inserts itself as an embedded SIS file into them.

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