New Windows boxes under heavy fire, Linux largely untouched
Source: Jay Lyman - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Security There will be more new Windows computers booting up than those running Linux after the most recent season of giving. But there's no safety in numbers; recent analysis and expert opinion indicates the Microsoft machines will be quickly and heavily targeted by attackers, while Linux computers are largely left alone.

Security experts have long warned that new Windows machines are quickly scanned, prodded and spywared, but the vulnerability gap was highlighted more concretely in recent Honeynet Project findings. The group's most recent trend analysis revealed that while the time window on Windows security is getting shorter, the safe life of Linux computing has extended from a few days to a few months.

Worms decreasing 'time to live' in Win systems
The Honeynet Project blamed mostly computer worms for the decrease in "time to live" in unpatched Windows systems, crediting the futility of attacking the fewer Linux systems, which were mostly Red Hat servers for the recent study.

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