Patching takes over IT for a day
Source: Linda Leung - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Host Security The engineers at vulnerability testing tool vendor nCircle Network Security spend US$100 per month at the coffee shop in the lobby of their office building in downtown San Francisco. But there is one day each month when a trip to the cafe is more urgent than at any other time: Patch Tuesday.

As anyone involved in running a Windows network knows, this falls on the second Tuesday of the month and is the day when Microsoft announces product vulnerabilities and releases patches for them. For the nCircle engineers, it's the start of a very long day that's filled with coffee, work and more work.

"We know we won't get any sleep when it's Patch Tuesday," says Michael Murray, director of nCircle's Vulnerability & Exposure Research Team (VERT), whose engineers rarely go home before 2 a.m. on the big day.

Microsoft last year released 45 security bulletins and patches; 18 of them deemed "critical" (the highest rating) and 19 "important" (the second-highest). October was the busiest and most crucial month, as Microsoft hit customers with 10 patches, seven rated "critical."

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