What you measure is what you get
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Security Chief information officers (CIOs) have developed reliable performance measures for most aspects of their job. For example, anyone who has worked on a help desk or managed a network knows that there are specific performance expectations related to response time, cost per unit, and efficiency. These performance metrics are quantifiable, relate to actual dollars and cents, and correlate to enterprise objectives of situational awareness and continual performance improvement. But information security presents a more complex measurement challenge.

I believe that CIOs and CISOs indeed can measure the actual operational performance of their information security investments, and the linkages among performance, cost and benefit. For CIOs who wish to close this gap in their performance management, part one of this article will provide the business case for security performance measurement. The second half will develop five recommendations for achieving a sound business and technical architecture for information security performance measurement.

Why Does the CIO Need Security Performance Measures?
The Situation is Getting Worse Security problems continue to present themselves at an alarmingly faster rate. For example, the number of information security incidents reported to US-CERT has increased exponentially during the last three years.

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