Shun Linux and kiss your job security good-bye, part 1
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Security IT managers who think that their Microsoft certifications give them all the tenure they need are in for a rude awakening. In fact, says author Robin Miller, their pink slips are only a point-and-click away.

Learn to use Linux, he said, or you'll be left behind. To help IT managers and users see how easy it is to use Linux, Miller has written Point & Click Linux: Your Guide to Trouble-Free Computing, which has just been published by Prentice Hall PTR. Miller, who is also editor-in-chief of Open Source Technology Group, offers tips on building Linux skills and easing a company and its users onto Linux desktops in this interview. In part two, he focuses on choosing tools and distributions and supporting Linux.

How does your new book help IT managers who don't know anything about Linux desktops?

Robin Miller: The original concept was not as a consumer book, but as cubical ware for enterprise desktop workers. And the reason for creating cubical ware is to save IT managers who manage Windows desktops from the problem of people messing them up. The Windows desktop managers have to lock the desktops down to keep the workers from bringing in games from home. It's like the Southwest Airlines ad where the lady clicks innocently on an e-mail and, bang, the whole system is infected. You don't want that to happen, so we designed cubicle ware for enterprise users with the basics of Linux desktops and then added a few multimedia pieces to make it consumer-friendly.

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