New Netcraft Toolbar Blocks Phishing, Analyzes Web Sites
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Host Security Review: Protect yourself from fraudulent sites by having as much information as possible about them. The Netcraft Toolbar makes that information convenient. A new, free browser add-in from English Internet services firm Netcraft Ltd. fights phishing attacks and helps users investigate sites they tested the new tool bar, available initially only for Internet Explorer on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and liked what we saw. All but one phishing link we visited was interrupted by a popup from the tool bar (click here to see a sample) and we used the built-in link to report the one site that the tool bar didn't block.

Once installed, the tool bar exists as an IE Explorer Bar, much like the Google tool bar, and coexisted well with other Explorer bars in our tests. (See the image of the tool bar below and click the image to see it within a browser window.)

The tool bar has two buttons, both of which have links to other services by Netcraft, many of them free. The Netcraft button exposes other security functions, such as reporting a phishing site unknown to the tool bar and reporting false positives from the tool bar, as well as many statistical reports, such as which countries and hosting services have the most phishing sites.

Netcraft is most famous for its Web server survey, reporting which Web server software is most in use on the Internet. For this and other research, the company scans the Internet regularly and has built up a large database of sites and what is running on them. This data plays a key role in the function of the tool bar.

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