Wi-Fi Hacker Sentenced To Nine Years
Source: TechWeb News - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Wireless Security A 21-year-old Michigan man was sentenced Wednesday to nine years in prison for breaking into the network of home improvement retailer Lowe's, the longest jail term ever handed out in the U.S. for hacking.

rian Salcedo pleaded guilty in August to various charges, including conspiracy and fraud, stemming from a 2003 incident in which he and two others were caught hacking into an unsecured Wi-Fi access point from the parking lot of a Lowe's in suburban Detroit. They then accessed Lowe's national computer system -- which is based in North Wilkesboro, N.C. -- and installed a program to hijack credit card information.

The FBI arrested Salcedo, Adam Botbyl, 21, and Paul Timmins, 23, after staking out the parking lot and noticing a car with suspicious-looking antennas.

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