Kenai Systems Focuses on Web Services Vulnerabilities With Release Of Two Products
Source: Web Services Pipeline - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Vendors/Products Kenai Systems Inc., a maker of Web services vulnerability tools, today announced the release of two products: eXamine, and eXamineST. The products enable developers to import WSDL files and test them for Web services security vulnerabilities.

In October, Kenai released a free beta version of eXamine, which is a more general-purpose Web services inspection tool. EXamineST provides enhanced capabilities for inspecting and manipulating WSDL files, including support for OASIS' WS-Security specification and message validation. The tool is available as a standalone application and will eventually be available as an Eclipse plug-in.

eXamineST, although containing features that were always on the Kenai product roadmap, was released a quarter earlier than originally anticipated, due to customer feedback resulting from the beta test of eXamine, said Bill Kesselring, CEO of Kenai Systems. "We took what we learned in beta, particularly the things we learned about the adoption of the WS-Security specification," said Kesselring. Said Jack Quinnell, CTO of Kenai Systems, "we accelerated release of many of the more advanced features in eXamineST due to customer demand."

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