Cyber-Security Office Calls for More Clout
Source: Wayne Rash - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Government The office in charge of cyber-security in the Department of Homeland Security is planning to continue moving ahead on the agenda the agency has already set.

According to Lawrence Hale, deputy director of the National Cyber-Security Division at DHS, the agency considers physical and cyber-security so deeply intertwined that it would be impossible to separate them. Hale said the current organization of the IAIP (Directorate of Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection) has cyber-security and physical security working together.

Earlier this week, the CSIA (Cyber-Security Industry Alliance) released a series of recommendations, including a reorganization that would make the director of the cyber-security division an assistant secretary. Supporters say such a change would raise the profile of cyber-security, thus bringing the area more clout and more funding.

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