Linux has fewer bugs, analysis shows
Source: Linux Devices - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Host Security Linux has fewer bugs than typical commercial software, says testing tools vendor Coverity. The company says the 2.6 Linux kernel has one bug for every 5,787 lines of code, compared to the commercial software norm of one bug per 40 lines. Coverity markets source code analysis software, including a product called SWAT that "simulates the effects that the operations in the source code might have" in runtime environments. The company says this approach finds more potentially disastrous bugs than competing code analysis tools that simply scan for known, dangerous coding patterns and sloppy coding constructs.

Coverity says its project to analyze Linux source code began in 2000, at the Stanford University Computer Science Research Center, as part of a research initiative to improve software industry engineering processes. The company was founded by five of the lead Stanford researchers involved in that project, it says.

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