New set of Linux security flaws discovered
Source: Matthew Broersma - Posted by Joe Shakespeare   
Server Security A security researcher has uncovered another set of security flaws in an image component, which could put Linux users at risk of system compromise if they view a maliciously crafted image.

The bugs, in the imlib image library found in most Linux systems, haven't been patched by the library's developer, but Linux vendors are currently rushing out patches. So far the Gentoo Foundation, Novell's SuSE business unit and others have released fixes.

Researcher Pavel Kankovsky found that several integer overflows in image decoding routines could be exploited to cause buffer overflows and potentially execute malicious code on a user's system, according to advisories from Suse, Gentoo and independent security firm Secunia. The bugs can be exploited by tricking a user into viewing a specially crafted image in one of the many applications linked to imlib.

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