Multiple Security Roles With Unix/Linux
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Network Security It is a rare organization that has the money to deploy best of breed or integrated commercial software for every security role. Whether your job is perimeter protection, incident response or email server administration, there may be an opportunity to use your favorite Unix system with some additional tools to get the job done faster and cheaper than what you do now. . . . After the reception my last column regarding the security criticism I heaped on Unix and Linux vendors who are pursuing end-user desktops, I thought I would outline some of the areas where I think Linux and Unix already have strong wins.

While I am a dedicated Unix and Linux junkie and use it everywhere I can, I may be somewhat biased. However, there are some areas where Unix and Linux systems fit in better than anything else out there. In some cases, these roles can be performed on commercial Unix systems if your organization feels better about paying for commercial-grade software. The upcoming version of Solaris, for example seems to have some new security tricks that are worth a look if you need to run secure enterprise services.

CD based OS - security in an insecure world

Working in the security industry makes a person slightly paranoid. In my case, my paranoia goes far enough that I don't trust my own mother, or at least I don't trust her computer.

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