Mandrake: cvs Chroot escape vulnerability
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Mandrake A maliciously configured server could then create any file with content on the local user's disk.

Mandrakelinux Security Update Advisory

 Package name:           cvs
 Advisory ID:            MDKSA-2004:028
 Date:                   April 14th, 2004

 Affected versions:	 10.0, 9.1, 9.2, Corporate Server 2.1

 Problem Description:

 Sebastian Krahmer from the SUSE security team discovered a remotely
 exploitable vulnerability in the CVS client.  When doing a cvs checkout
 or update over a network, the client accepts absolute pathnames in the
 RCS diff files.  A maliciously configured server could then create any
 file with content on the local user's disk.  This problem affects all
 versions of CVS prior to 1.11.15 which has fixed the problem.
 The updated packages provide 1.11.14 with the pertinent fix for the


 Updated Packages:
 Mandrakelinux 10.0:
 8423bbb8df0ec908cd3cf98c6f1d3265  10.0/RPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.100mdk.i586.rpm
 615f79d903b64b68fc6db8d93efd4da7  10.0/SRPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.100mdk.src.rpm

 Corporate Server 2.1:
 d658ef61a9bbc81fd2ceda58da96c9ef  corporate/2.1/RPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.C21mdk.i586.rpm
 4690e5a453680781c865506997892f9c  corporate/2.1/SRPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.C21mdk.src.rpm

 Corporate Server 2.1/x86_64:
 fa293671fbb99b18e75f4889ab570ffd  x86_64/corporate/2.1/RPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.C21mdk.x86_64.rpm
 4690e5a453680781c865506997892f9c  x86_64/corporate/2.1/SRPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.C21mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrakelinux 9.1:
 23c11c0cfc2467840bad260fbcf17368  9.1/RPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.91mdk.i586.rpm
 c6cdbd0d495c17c969ca762100daaaa0  9.1/SRPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.91mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrakelinux 9.1/PPC:
 9c9fcaaec353fa9e03772b20e6557faa  ppc/9.1/RPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.91mdk.ppc.rpm
 c6cdbd0d495c17c969ca762100daaaa0  ppc/9.1/SRPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.91mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrakelinux 9.2:
 3d83f5e80eaec6e01c4eebf7fabf91dc  9.2/RPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.92mdk.i586.rpm
 5b9e2317b68fc58fa13dc19e0f9c8231  9.2/SRPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.92mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrakelinux 9.2/AMD64:
 7d0abb033e07d5de2796a85744ee8ba1  amd64/9.2/RPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.92mdk.amd64.rpm
 5b9e2317b68fc58fa13dc19e0f9c8231  amd64/9.2/SRPMS/cvs-1.11.14-0.1.92mdk.src.rpm

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