Slackware: 'bind' vulnerabilities
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Slackware Multiple vulnerabilities exist in the versions of BIND found in Slackware7.1 and -current.

Multiple vulnerabilities exist in the versions of BIND found in Slackware
7.1 and -current.  Users of BIND 8.x are urged to upgrade to 8.2.3 to fix
these problems.  More information can be found on the BIND website:

... and in the CERT Advisory CA-2001-02 - Multiple Vulnerabilities in BIND:

By upgrading to BIND 8.2.3, users can fix these problems. 

 BIND 8.2.3 AVAILABLE - (bind.tgz)

  Multiple vulnerabilities have been patched in BIND.  Upgrading to BIND
  8.2.3 addreses these vulnerabilities.  Packages available:

     For Slackware -current:

     For Slackware 7.1:

  For verification purposes, we provide the following checksums:

     For Slackware -current:
        16-bit "sum" checksum:
        41667  1641   bind.tgz

        128-bit MD5 message digest:
        a46dd2ba74f50d0acba68ea0a38955d9  bind.tgz

     For Slackware 7.1:
        16-bit "sum" checksum:
        58057  1640   bind.tgz

        128-bit MD5 message digest:
        eaaeeea64ab3ecd1dcc33149f9ee93a9  bind.tgz

  Be sure to backup your name server configuration files (/etc/named.conf
  and the /var/named directory) for safe measure.  Then stop the name

         # ndc stop

  Now run upgradepkg on the new BIND package:

         # upgradepkg bind.tgz

  The name server can now be restarted:

         # ndc start

Remember, it's also a good idea to backup configuration files before
upgrading packages.

- Slackware Linux Security Team