Debian: 'micq' remote buffer overflow
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Debian A remote attacker may be able to sniff packets to the ICQ server to execute arbitrary code on the victim system.

Debian Security Advisory DSA-012-1                                            Martin Schulze
January 22, 2001

Package        : micq
Vulnerability  : remote buffer overflow
Debian-specific: no

PkC has reported that there is a buffer overflow in sprintf() in micq
versions 0.4.6, that allows to a remote attacker able to sniff packets
to the ICQ server to execute arbitrary code on the victim system.

We recommend you upgrade your micq package immediately.

wget url
        will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
        will install the referenced file.

You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
footer to the proper configuration.

Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 alias potato

  Potato was released for the alpha, arm, i386, m68k, powerpc and sparc

  Source archives:
      MD5 checksum: b564dd2d8e937611bd90d73096d4a138
      MD5 checksum: ddc011d3509d593284bf9336e0a9f829
      MD5 checksum: f86304bdbec4d1cf86fb991fc8355f39

  Intel ia32 architecture:
      MD5 checksum: b5a2d7327ffc35ab49a1e4f64c6f2567

  Motorola 680x0 architecture:
      MD5 checksum: a07906bae588eaec0b20974a8a871704

  Sun Sparc architecture:
      MD5 checksum: 59d5b78bea7f4cce3ea4ca7b5b28d005

  Alpha architecture:
      MD5 checksum: 06264f9d8a99edfcc43fac35080cc544

  PowerPC architecture:
      MD5 checksum: fbd7bb304918dad6f59d75c5a220dd31

  ARM architecture:
      MD5 checksum: 492b4162cc8f59c5dae6e56860ae6bfe

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