Slackware: local /tmp vulnerability
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Slackware A local /tmp bug in the /usr/sbin/ppp-off program was found.

A local /tmp bug in the /usr/sbin/ppp-off program was found.  This bug
could allow a local user to corrupt system files.  A fix has been made and
an updated package is now available in the -current branch.

The package described below will work for users of Slackware 7.0, 7.1, and

   ppp package updated - (n1/ppp.tgz)

      A local /tmp bug in the /usr/sbin/ppp-off program has been found and
      fixed.  The new ppp.tgz package is available from:

      For verification purposes, we provide the following checksums:

         16-bit "sum" checksum:
         60573   191   n1/ppp.tgz

         128-bit MD5 message digest:
         c879dd34413a5d9cf367640206492852  n1/ppp.tgz

      Disable any running pppd processes:

         # killall pppd

      Then issue this command:

         # upgradepkg ppp.tgz

Remember, it's also a good idea to backup configuration files before
upgrading packages.

- Slackware Linux Security Team