Slackware: Kernel update
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Slackware Capabilities and other security vulnerabilities have been discovered
Kernel Version 2.2.16 Security Fixes

The 2.2.16 release of the Linux kernel is available and includes a number of
security fixes.  The following list of fixes comes from the kernel release 

Capabilities -
   Fixes for serious setuid handling flaws when using restricted capability 
ELF loader -
   The ELF loader could be tricked by erroneous headers 
Procfs -
   Several /proc drivers failed to do correct sanity checking 
Readv/writev - 
   Potential overflow bug fixed 
Signal Stacks -
   Exec failed to clear an existing alternate sigstack 
System 5 Shared Memory -
   If a user managed to attach a segment 65536 times bad things happened. 
TCP multiconnect hang -
   The TCP code had a bug that could cause the machine to hang. This was user 

We recommend that you read the above as a list of reasons to upgrade to 2.2.16,
if you're running a 2.2.x kernel.  The capabilities hole is especially nasty,
as it allows a local user to gain root access from a program that normally
drops root privileges.

The standard pre-built Slackware kernels have been built from 2.2.16 source 
and are now available in Slackware-current:

You will probably also need a new set of modules, available from:

They are also available in packaged form in the slackware-current ftp tree
(  The
files, within that directory, are:

     a1/modules.tgz, a1/scsimods.tgz, a1/sndmods.tgz, a1/fsmods.tgz,
     and n1/netmods.tgz

The kernel release notes are available here: