Mandrake: Xlockmore vulnerability
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Mandrake This update fixes a buffer overflow vulnerability that was present in xlock that permitted a user to view parts of the shadowed passwd file.

   Linux-Mandrake Security Update


Package: xlockmore

Affected versions: 6.1, 7.0

Problem: Xlock is an X11 utility used to lock X-Window displays until
the password of the user running X is entered correctly. Of course, in
order to perform the password-check xlock must be setuid root and have
access to the shadowed passwd file. In the xlockmore distributions
versions prior to 4.16.1, a buffer overflow vulnerability was present
in xlock that permitted a user to view parts of the shadowed passwd
file. This is achieved by overwriting (with an oversized -mode
argument) a global variable storing a pointer to a string printed in
the "usage" output. The pointer would be overwritten with an address
pointing to the shadowed passwd data. With the long argument, xlock
would find and an error in the command syntax and exit, printing the
usage information (along with the shadowed passwd text).

Please upgrade to:

md5sum: 614600a41689677da12287b950c2708a  
package: 6.1/RPMS/xlockmore-4.16.1-1mdk.i586.rpm

md5sum: d0a6a3bf840b4d3ea347892f8df1896e  
source: 6.1/SRPMS/xlockmore-4.16.1-1mdk.src.rpm

md5sum: 82ea685b6c467a55fce37490286763ae  
package: 7.0/RPMS/xlockmore-4.16.1-1mdk.i586.rpm

md5sum: d0a6a3bf840b4d3ea347892f8df1896e  
source: 7.0/SRPMS/xlockmore-4.16.1-1mdk.src.rpm

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