RH6.0: gnumeric (RHSA-1999:023-01)
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RedHat Linux A potential security problem has been fixed in the gnumeric spreadsheet package.
Red Hat, Inc. Security Advisory
Package gnumeric

Synopsis Potential security problem in gnumeric 0.23

Advisory ID RHSA-1999:023-01

Issue Date 1999-07-23

Keywords gnumeric security

1. Topic:
A potential security problem has been fixed in the gnumeric spreadsheet package.

2. Bug IDs fixed:

3. Relevant releases/architectures:
Red Hat Linux 6.0, all architectures

4. Obsoleted by:

5. Conflicts with:

6. RPMs required:


ftp://updates.Red Hat.com/6.0/i386/

gnumeric- 0.27-1.i386.rpm


ftp://updates.Red Hat.com/6.0/alpha/



ftp://updates.Red Hat.com/6.0/sparc/



ftp://updates.Red Hat.com/6.0/SRPMS

gnumeric- 0.27-1.src.rpm

7. Problem description:
At the request of the gnumeric maintainer a new version is being released by Red Hat which addresses potential security issues with the version of gnumeric shipped in Red Hat Linux 6.0.

8. Solution:
Upgrade to the latest version listed above.

9. Verification:

 MD5 sum                           Package Name


 41d67505f1c53ce16ea66cec874deb87  gnumeric-0.27-1.i386.rpm

 89451cf299e475197350ef0367edda63  gnumeric-0.27-1.alpha.rpm

 c35d7f9a29fd9421ef4d5b1ac44d6b8e  gnumeric-0.27-1.sparc.rpm

 b28c5742c32c3d69b8e6713bb7c6f789  gnumeric-0.27-1.src.rpm

These packages are also PGP signed by Red Hat Inc. for security. Our key is available at: http://www.Red Hat.com/corp/contac t.html

You can verify each package with the following command: rpm --checksig

If you only wish to verify that each package has not been corrupted o tampered with, examine only the md5sum with the following command: rpm --checksig --nopgp

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