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Where's my tinfoil hat? Print E-mail
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Source: Network World - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Privacy OK. This column may make me sound like I'm about to make a hat out of tinfoil but bear with me because my paranoia is completely justified. I know the truth and it's not "out there" as in "The X-Files," it's right here and it's a harsh reality that people really don't want to admit to: The reality is that there is no real privacy any more. The fact is that today, should you become "of interest" to any person or group with serious power, whether that power is economic, political or criminal, you can kiss your privacy goodbye. And even without the Masters of the Universe on your case, there aren't really any organizations you can trust with your privacy.

For example, remember in 2009 when I wrote about how Sprint had allowed various three-letter government agencies to track the location of cellphone users some 8 million times without a warrant being requested? Sprint actually made it easy for the agencies by creating a self-service portal! What happened when this was revealed? Nothing! No one in power cared that due process was being ignored!

Read this full article at Network World

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