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Beating Back the Botnets Print E-mail
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Source: SecurityWeek - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Network Security Botnets are insidious. They spread like digital weeds and infect thousands to tens of thousands of machines at a time. Their only purpose is to enrich and empower the botnet owners as they infiltrate endpoints on consumer systems, colleges, and enterprises around the world. These botnets are used to send spam, launch denial of service attacks, and increasingly to snoop on corporate systems. Discovering Botnet Infections in Corporate NetworksThese botnets, vast networks of infected systems under the control and command of criminals, are everyone's problem and it's time we all did more to eliminate them from the Internet and our networks. One of the challenges in combating botnets, however, is the ease of infecting endpoints. Within the time it takes to view a web page, open an attachment, or load a picture, a user can get infected. Attackers are using vulnerabilities in web browsers and traditional client systems to infect users who don't even know they've been infected.

Read this full article at SecurityWeek

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