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Clam Anti-Virus On Ubuntu Print E-mail
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Source: ITWire - Posted by Bill Keys   
Host Security There are quite a few anti-virus packages that work with Linux, such as ClamAV, AVG, Avast!, Panda, NOD32, Avira, F-Prot, Kaspersky, eScan and Sophos. I got these names from a quick Google search and it may not be an exhaustive list. Most of those packages are proprietary, some are free and open source. Many of them charge licence fees. However, this article is about ClamAV, so lets get on with it! Have you ever thought about using an Anti-Virus software on your Linux machine? This article takes a look at one popular one called ClamAV. Do you use any others?

Read this full article at ITWire

sec. eng.Written by cbrp1r8 on 2009-01-09 10:48:31
This is not to bad of an article. Although, the point is conceded that linux pretty much doesn't get viruses he does give several other uses. Like cleaning up usb drives, photo disks and the like using it and not being able to be infected by them.
SambaWritten by ryan on 2009-01-13 14:20:18
Another use is for scanning Windows shares.
SECURITYWritten by RAM on 2009-01-14 22:48:40
install scurityWritten by oemar_chukue on 2009-01-17 01:04:32
download scurity
An Antivirus revue should include effectWritten by BillR on 2009-05-01 05:59:17
This doesn't have one word about how effective this software is at finding viruses, and please no BS about "I use Linux there are no viruses or trojans for Linux". There are but granted they are rare. Risk management is NOT just about how rare or often or the likelihood of something happening. To think this way is very naive and lacks critical thinking. Risk analysis MUST ALWAYS INCLUDE THE IMPACT OF AN EVENT if it happens. Low Risk, Big Impact you still take precautions. Just because the light is green, if you are a pedestrian you still keep your eyes up and pay attention to the traffic. You don't keep your eyes on your Blackberry or at the ground. It is very unlikely that a car will run a red light and strike you in the zebra, but the impact if they do keeps your eyes on the road. Just because there are very few pieces of malware out there for Linux (it is not a zero count) doesn't mean I don't need antivirus especially if I am doing online banking 
And if I am using an Antivirus package, I want to pick one that I know has the most complete and accurate Malware definition files (Virus, trojans, worms, etc.). One that has been tested and scored. There is nothing like this in this article. So it is not very useful. Critical but fair feedback says to include hard numbers with revues for software products like these. Otherwise it is just a 'fluff' piece.

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