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Mandriva: Updated packages fix vulnerability Print E-mail
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Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Mandrake Integer overflow in the rtl_allocateMemory function in sal/rtl/source/alloc_global.c in (OOo) 2.0 through 2.4 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted file that triggers a heap-based buffer overflow. The updated packages have been patched to fix the issue.
 Mandriva Linux Security Advisory                       MDVSA-2008:138-1
 Package :
 Date    : July 11, 2008
 Affected: Corporate 3.0
 Problem Description:
 Integer overflow in the rtl_allocateMemory function in
 sal/rtl/source/alloc_global.c in (OOo) 2.0 through 2.4
 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted file
 that triggers a heap-based buffer overflow.
 The updated packages have been patched to fix the issue.


 The package for Mandriva Corporate 3 missed the patch
 application due to a build error. This update fixes that.

 Updated Packages:
 Corporate 3.0:
 deb62c6ac38652e0f1cd107a9e36061f  corporate/3.0/i586/
 68b1c68929274570f63b2ef480273565  corporate/3.0/i586/
 5d9e047daeca2eee1ceb03dff3f0717f  corporate/3.0/i586/
 6a18c0c6aef45ea21d3ebdaa4a1a0c89  corporate/3.0/i586/
 26ed68798115b3d660cb6d31170c7863  corporate/3.0/i586/
 ce1d88b2be8e0d8e163ab76b54ca2be8  corporate/3.0/i586/
 e5d6e7c7b1238d2c86626769a004b178  corporate/3.0/i586/
 77528eb1bea2608eb6a7d6c8cf4028d2  corporate/3.0/i586/
 dc5329a92519af7cdeaf8cd3eb17debe  corporate/3.0/i586/
 01eeb6d31c609092351a0c84a1bd9681  corporate/3.0/i586/
 f2163e9c6a7a16946159f04ec1b46880  corporate/3.0/i586/
 f9e9f8a809ba9039239f986f52471873  corporate/3.0/i586/
 8d52a0982c03a3618e4a15adf18097d8  corporate/3.0/i586/
 b8b1f9084d1668a14e33e24e1d2747cd  corporate/3.0/i586/
 be5652146876e8e7093d589a46da9e4c  corporate/3.0/i586/
 d0747af0472c4c72cccff2bde1f7370d  corporate/3.0/i586/
 d3986111638cf20bfc69e04c59de5dc1  corporate/3.0/i586/
 313d425bc3d51e20b13cded8438daab5  corporate/3.0/i586/
 e240d5d7d0a3141cb8c8a069ff162922  corporate/3.0/i586/
 b0e4d37ab97342a21c044a77fbd66220  corporate/3.0/i586/
 78c7da7f08dd7123b38cc624fb10e6ee  corporate/3.0/i586/
 9d1621a7ff292437de85cd0fb865d076  corporate/3.0/i586/
 e1522a9b956f78efc75327d927d74640  corporate/3.0/i586/
 b1fccdd50ec8ead7aaf1935ceadb2ece  corporate/3.0/i586/
 1b7a41f8613d9866477e290db5e7725c  corporate/3.0/i586/
 7755784029d99751f363a3d8c8d438bd  corporate/3.0/i586/
 70ebedc05e22f215d6ac6b1fb9856883  corporate/3.0/i586/
 50fda3b2ecad139bd21874bbc37ac315  corporate/3.0/i586/
 03e31730f5df58afac498e0987bdef59  corporate/3.0/i586/
 b26e706a2d83ed7ddd94846fe9b8df5f  corporate/3.0/i586/
 9484e29fa751546dc67dc62e02e5b542  corporate/3.0/i586/
 4bc8c3ac08b9484895db7451142c9d42  corporate/3.0/i586/
 1e7e25c63546c11d534888588f3e4ba1  corporate/3.0/i586/
 9b026f920eb5d6c6259ef85a02337c21  corporate/3.0/i586/
 46f7f043556cc93b19f67e668e4bba6a  corporate/3.0/i586/
 f69af85925a903562e4d0b72f453a33b  corporate/3.0/i586/
 97fe4423391ddbbe17d93ab89ecb2067  corporate/3.0/i586/
 5143ba17237cf4c899bf5d99c0fb8ec2  corporate/3.0/i586/
 f6683bc3fd8f5f34c00cdf5c54605c65  corporate/3.0/i586/
 52061bdd8c76214eeea74778dc0052c3  corporate/3.0/i586/
 b9316b1409c1812feb3c531e270f11e6  corporate/3.0/i586/
 4bf141937f8b9ed8e6db9bbefd5ed6bf  corporate/3.0/i586/
 a812dfe9ababa84817409c1410861111  corporate/3.0/i586/
 1af2f229debe28c47bec8480ccc6af08  corporate/3.0/i586/
 af581eca2bbb327d370838663d45b47e  corporate/3.0/i586/ 
 a0c76e124f956e44313d2060d3f36d99  corporate/3.0/SRPMS/

 To upgrade automatically use MandrivaUpdate or urpmi.  The verification
 of md5 checksums and GPG signatures is performed automatically for you.

 All packages are signed by Mandriva for security.  You can obtain the
 GPG public key of the Mandriva Security Team by executing:

  gpg --recv-keys --keyserver 0x22458A98

 You can view other update advisories for Mandriva Linux at:

 If you want to report vulnerabilities, please contact


 Type Bits/KeyID     Date       User ID
 pub  1024D/22458A98 2000-07-10 Mandriva Security Team
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