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Fedora Core 4 Update: ruby-1.8.4-2.fc4 Print E-mail
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Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Fedora Updated package.
Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        : ruby
Version     : 1.8.4
Release     : 2.fc4
Summary     : An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language
Description :
Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and easy
object-oriented programming.  It has many features to process text
files and to do system management tasks (as in Perl).  It is simple,
straight-forward, and extensible.


* Thu Jun  8 2006 Akira TAGOH  - 1.8.4-2.fc4
- backport from devel.
  - correct sitelibdir.
  - ruby-rubyprefix.patch: moved all arch-independent modules under
    /usr/lib/ruby and keep arch-dependent modules under /usr/lib64/ruby
    for 64bit archs. so 'rubylibdir', 'sitelibdir' and 'sitedir' in
    Config::CONFIG points to the kind of /usr/lib/ruby now.
  - ruby-deprecated-search-path.patch: added the deprecated installation paths
    to the search path for the backward compatibility.
  - added a Provides: ruby(abi) to ruby-libs.
  - ruby-1.8.4-64bit-pack.patch: backport patch from upstream to fix unpack("l")
    not working on 64bit archs and integer overflow on template "w". (#189350)
  - updated License tag to be more comfortable, and with a pointer to get more
    details, like Python package does.
  - ruby-deprecated-sitelib-search-path.patch: applied to add more search path
    for backward compatibility.
  - added byacc to BuildReq.

This update can be downloaded from:

5c0ad19a8487fa89ea8b2e07f2a760c4173d5adc  SRPMS/ruby-1.8.4-2.fc4.src.rpm
5c0ad19a8487fa89ea8b2e07f2a760c4173d5adc  noarch/ruby-1.8.4-2.fc4.src.rpm
286c0cde2f5becea7cfc2ba52154c097773821da  ppc/ruby-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
019ec94a17743978d82169ebd6a2adaf5e7c87eb  ppc/ruby-libs-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
1509259601704c4f37c02bfa86bd5707d8d4cb54  ppc/ruby-devel-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
021d4b64a8c74ef37c83db6eed583565c9f83ef7  ppc/ruby-tcltk-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
97a097058ace055ed06d4b59b2e595671073ea92  ppc/irb-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
b902118e59030140c539efdcf22393991c2335de  ppc/rdoc-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
96a9ac6b4d74713868a9dd1968384b267e9cb55a  ppc/ruby-docs-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
e0d272384159d69fe1cf1977d29e318d2e4ecf01  ppc/ruby-mode-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
f3ec350ce27fa47a85ea3ccec3837a13e44987a2  ppc/ri-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
33c39a4a397dfaed5b2e9013f476ed75f012f984  ppc/debug/ruby-debuginfo-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc.rpm
103122d13b392c763b042551194f170424678134  ppc/ruby-libs-1.8.4-2.fc4.ppc64.rpm
fc3f88cae2cb6fdcb22720bce27833e91b2ba2fb  x86_64/ruby-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
b18795f6ced1990a04144d62ce2a8ce13cd4d6c0  x86_64/ruby-libs-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
4a95a0dd90c1b17974bfa7a6e7e588df81cc316c  x86_64/ruby-devel-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
8936176835b6e6e7641c67afc5f728e35e79393d  x86_64/ruby-tcltk-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
b8de011e111edf2c117c8e28461fb797521016ef  x86_64/irb-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
2b54f5a5587489e537f325338d0ce23eb2b08b02  x86_64/rdoc-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
8ea326ba82c2b2e8a4f12b233982cfc161245ca9  x86_64/ruby-docs-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
d62e47471b11cd27994ae76c3cf527b97873e038  x86_64/ruby-mode-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
1a3d260e2ebf262d415bf514f9fd91c3e838f94f  x86_64/ri-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
8cdaa3fe8143f31c970e9d37e8c0b967cb244315  x86_64/debug/ruby-debuginfo-1.8.4-2.fc4.x86_64.rpm
a9444bfb3eaa96ab41ae756848b4edd19fbca837  i386/ruby-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
9211c2637bcf9aa32f66fce134c986cdc2b45509  i386/ruby-libs-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
e4dce1cc2beaef2eec4231f5750a3a01569f8940  i386/ruby-devel-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
48f2d0f744e9e173fff4c38ca95cce5f0a78cb9a  i386/ruby-tcltk-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
50774fa5c93508884bf544b9e1d89c745380562a  i386/irb-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
c2d6984b9fd2840ab81c0b361f7da7970c469e2d  i386/rdoc-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
f845309a96e335b896ddd717bac7212202db9c79  i386/ruby-docs-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
b7558e49bb8ef467596cb229ef6cd1c34999e140  i386/ruby-mode-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
a4fc07a1fd3b22de6fe562cf09461135bce85d87  i386/ri-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm
9c97a8763ddb67617694603388aaeb4972284c1c  i386/debug/ruby-debuginfo-1.8.4-2.fc4.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at

Fedora-package-announce mailing list
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