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EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.7 Print E-mail
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Posted by EnGarde Developers   
Vendors/Products Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.7 (Version 3.0, Release 7). This release includes several bug fixes and feature enhancements to the Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, several updated packages, and several new packages available for installation.

EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.7 Release Notes
  Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure
  Community 3.0.7 (Version 3.0, Release 7).  This release includes several
  bug fixes and feature enhancements to the Guardian Digital WebTool and
  the SELinux policy, several updated packages, and several new packages
  available for installation.

  The following reported bugs from are fixed in
  this release:

    #0000067 SIMAP AND SPOP3 packages are built disabling plaintext auth

  Several other bugs are fixed in this release as well.

  New features include:

    * A new package (hwlister) which can be used to generate an inventory
      of all the hardware which comprises your system.  This package is
      now installed by default with EnGarde Secure Linux.

    * PHP was re-build with cURL support and a race condition was fixed in

    * The latest stable versions of: MySQL (5.0.22), apache (2.0.58),
      asterisk (1.2.8), bacula (1.38.9), imap (2004g), openssl (0.9.8b),
      php5 (5.1.4), postfix (2.2.10), snort (2.4.4), sudo (1.6.8p12),
      syslog-ng (1.6.11), vim (6.4.010), and zaptel (1.2.6).

    * Several new packages:
      - binstats (1.08)
        Binstats is a statistics generation tool for installed programs.
        It is also useful for cleaning up a system by helping find
        duplicate executables, unused libraries, statically linked
        binaries and duplicate man pages.

      - bitchx (1.1)
        BitchX is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client that is based on
        ircII (but heavily modified).  It is ncurses based and allows the
        user to get onto IRC without requiring the use of GUI client.

      - bittorrent (4.9.2)
        Bittorrent is a scatter-gather network file transfer protocol
        used for distributing files.  It works in the opposite method of
        regular downloads with regard to the fact that the more people
        are currently downloading a file using bittorrent, the faster it
        will go.

      - ethereal (0.99.0)
        Ethereal is a network protocol analyzer.  This version is ncurses
        based and allows the user to examine and capture data from a live

      - hyperion (1.0.2)
        Hyperion is an IRC daemon that allows clients to connect to it.
        This is the server that is used by Freenode.

      - john (
        "John" is a password cracker whose primary purpose is to detect
        weak passwords in order to strengthen the overall security of a

      - libapache-mod_fcgid (1.09)
        mod_fcgid is an apache web server module that acts as a binary
        compatibility alternative to mod_fastcgi.  It comes with a new
        process management strategy.

      - libapache-mod_mono (1.1.14)
        mod_mono is an apache web server module that provides ASP.NET
        support for the apache web server.

      - libapache-mod_security (1.9.3)
        mod_security is an apache web server module that acts as an
        intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications.
        It acts as another line of defense between improperly coded
        applications and the webserver.

      - makejail (0.0.5)
        Makejail, in conjunction with binstats, determines which binaries
        a program is going to need to be chrooted and creates a chroot
        jail for it.

      - mc (4.6.0)
        Midnight Commander is a console based ncurses visual file manager
        similar to Norton Commander.  It has the ability to handle
        archives, FTP site, and many other files built in.

      - paketto (1.10)
        The Paketto Keiretsu is a collection of tools that use new and
        unusual strategies for manipulating TCP/IP networks. scanrand is
        said to be faster than nmap and more useful in some scenarios.

      - psad (1.4.5)
        PSAD is a collection of utilities that work with the linux
        firewalling code (IPTables) to detect port scans and other
        suspect traffic.  It also includes the ability to configure
        threshold levels based on how stringent your ruleset is.

      - slat (2.0)
        SLAT provides a systematic way of determining if your SE Linux
        policy achieves your desired security goal.  This is a useful
        tool when creating or modifying SELinux policy.

  All new users downloading EnGarde Secure Linux for the first time or
  users who use the LiveCD environment should download this release.

  Users who are currently using EnGarde Secure Linux do not need to
  download this release -- they can update their machines via the Guardian
  Digital Secure Network WebTool module.

  Below are the MD5 sums for the i686 and x86_64 ISO images:

    665031a99d89f21894441f33f634f863  engarde-community-3.0.7.i686.iso
    ea3391b68e9bf39fb23fb4d0c607541e  engarde-community-3.0.7.x86_64.iso

  You may download this ISO image by following the "Download Now!" link

  (It may take several days for this image to make it to our mirrors,
   please be patient).

Further Information
  New users are encouraged to subscribe to the engarde-users mailing list
  and to explore our wiki:

    # EnGarde Secure Linux Homepage

    # Subscribing to the engarde-users Mailing List

    # EnGarde Secure Linux Wiki

    # EnGarde Secure Linux Bug Tracking System

    # Installing Extra Packages on EnGarde Secure Linux

Release History
Jun 06 2006	EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.7 (Community)
May 02 2006	EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.6 (Community)
Mar 10 2006	EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.5 (Community)
Feb 07 2006	EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.4 (Community)
Jan 03 2006	EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.3 (Community)
Dec 06 2005	EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.2 (Community)
Nov 01 2005	EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.1 (Community)
Sep 27 2005	EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.0 (Community)

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