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Fedora Core 4 Update: Print E-mail
User Rating:      How can I rate this item?
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Fedora Updated package.
Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        :
Version     : 1.9.125                      
Release     : 1.1.0.fc4                  
Summary     : comprehensive office suite.
Description : is an Open Source, community-developed, multi-platform
office productivity suite.  It includes the key desktop applications,
such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, formula
editor and drawing program, with a user interface and feature set
similar to other office suites.  Sophisticated and flexible, also works transparently with a variety of file
formats, including Microsoft Office.

Usage: Simply type "ooffice" to run or select the
requested component (Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, etc.) from your
desktop menu. On first start a few files will be installed in the
user's home, if necessary.

The team hopes you enjoy working with!

Note: Non-.vor templates covered under the GPL license.


* Mon Aug 22 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.125-2
- rh#166432# add README to he_IL dictionary

* Wed Aug 17 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.125-1
- beta2
- drop integrated workspace.cmcfixes14.patch
- drop integrated ooo46585.sunmiscisnotstandard.filter.patch
- drop integrated ooo30133.lingucomponent.ukrainean.patch
- drop integrated ooo53026.selinux-pipegiveup.desktop.patch

* Wed Aug 17 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.124-3
- rh#166102# pspfontcache format problem hang on start
- rebuild for new cairo

* Mon Aug 15 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.124-2
- experiment with jakub's suggestion for prelink based optimization
  intermediate library and binaries

* Mon Aug 15 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.124-1
- drop integrated workspace.fpicandrpath.patch

* Wed Aug 10 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.123-3
- recombine into workspace.cmcfixes14.patch
- use configimport rather than patches for customization

* Mon Aug  8 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.123-1
- use system beanshell
- drop integrated workspace.cmcfixes12
- drop integrated ooo51736.xsltproc.evenwithjava.patch
- drop integrated ooo51745.cpputools.patch
- drop integrated ooo51755.scp2.parallel.patch
- drop integrated ooo51774.rsc.parallel.patch

* Fri Aug  5 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.122-4
- session management and workspace restore corrections
- add for rh#165197#

* Wed Aug  3 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.122-3
- ooo#52626# sessionmanagement and vclplug problem
- ooo#52786# czech 8bit msword doc import problem
- disable internal hsqldb 1.80.1 and use the rawhide system one now
  that it has been bumped to that version

* Tue Aug  2 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.122-1
- next version

* Tue Aug  2 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.121-4
- return of ppc

* Wed Jul 27 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.121-3
- add rh#164310# pipe giveup
- add for rh#161313#

* Tue Jul 26 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.121-2
- rh#127576# add libgnomeprintui 
- make database front end into pseudo subpackage
- replace patches with combined workspace.gslpatches4
- add rh#156677# menu changes

* Mon Jul 25 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.121-1
- next version

* Sat Jul 23 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.120-3
- add
- workaround gcj accessor problem on a global basis

* Sat Jul 23 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.120-2
- try and reenable ppc building

* Wed Jul 20 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.120-1
- drop redundant workspace.dummywebwizard.patch

* Wed Jul 20 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.119-2
- re-experiment with execshield GNU_STACK non X

* Wed Jul 20 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.119-1
- experiment with security flags
- drop integrated cmcfixes11.workspace
- drop integrated
- drop integrated

This update can be downloaded from:

f68629732545e79d3e89cc4385bedd4c  SRPMS/
e7279331e86b30a84b4646fa233023ab  ppc/
ecd247bbc0e4cb65f6fdec3211756f82  ppc/
9887c2524598bf156f594f2f331537f7  ppc/
1071bc6e55ce4e02eeee69652a56cbeb  ppc/
b109c65d619a8f4a0c375c8e0ae302bf  ppc/
28e58554a269f69daf2456b15db1084c  ppc/
1190fdafeffcdf106bcf876787180be3  ppc/
e412b83f5e54ac3a488f7cdd4b797d87  ppc/
baa9ecfd4c7cac617a55b3063254d62e  ppc/
730a2a284bbee9783769f7740cb3aec4  ppc/
712357e976b6e6da3583a391cb20083b  ppc/
8b1ebb69a732fd222fa8f2e43be156b4  ppc/
bb896a6501999a3f25bcbc5a16d4a4c4  ppc/
38df643f8d80e0bd5d2b7d150fc608bd  ppc/
21763273dab079b9b81a9a9e3c2dabca  ppc/
a6c6b06a5cea62d03e1f851a5c5e25d8  ppc/
3a759eb5ac6d1906a8255c29b79a02c7  ppc/
84b9c505b5b2b642d370c70dc6eafee8  ppc/
7c3eac14e9acfd7518aa342419209c54  ppc/
9c840fc895b5ae448d36fa5006f28783  ppc/
5a8ca575398352e030789cf9ad535645  ppc/
89f03ad220f2fc9d0e8d59d54500e46b  ppc/
9237561f676bc410ca64d2875fcee69d  ppc/
375c5a12d5504b23adf68ebecc470d79  ppc/
eb4c7706a772b3372bfa772fc6f1f751  ppc/
b6dfab814df74ad0d6bdb89d72ab7df1  ppc/
4fa9856a38e1b507b56bd4dabf384463  ppc/
4d002d0fc8672083f21d71c4cef1bf82  ppc/
4c86cf55a988177d6f743e0604694af9  ppc/
82ef26b3adbf4065512bc9a722921099  ppc/
4244f1147634b1851c1dffaa55e6e400  ppc/
ecd74ef588010f0de2079b48438b77f3  ppc/
4afba5ef470777abd66f09e18661c8be  ppc/
814205617beaa3d1d179f19c97631d2d  ppc/
8da3c902128c27d2f4258ac9c84415d4  ppc/
840b069d4ac88f72b3f2bec4cfbeea41  ppc/
1a694d97e4f9f6102390b72e3f6cacb1  ppc/
3f511dc3cb43c8a0720b978899d5f740  ppc/
76c8db2a78cde416b146197348e8afd0  ppc/
9d32f125c1b28b70aec22122f4e358ea  ppc/
9f682326029c8e87a6c1c6e7df1ef614  ppc/
251a440a637d1fc306e13470c70d9fb5  ppc/
3619e5d176280a1ca393e2df14727501  ppc/
3e52778a2302868641aa7a5e18ae9dac  ppc/
e51c0b74c52dd3ba4bcce3ecadc26567  ppc/
55eaf1cba74696dc11c905d5f8bc62a4  ppc/
0b5566e5d00eeeab0f6d0af0979461cb  ppc/
f9050138f5b883c02220a5b5808c119f  ppc/
9c6257f599fec224112b0b6c0fa21b4c  ppc/
6742bdf2c3ed2165abb619554d7d2c00  ppc/
9af37793119a1997aee4ee16d5958279  ppc/
810fecb5756882cdeec46721daaa8cc5  ppc/
96486c618cefaf87639c2a469cb260f1  ppc/
07953aa316f99db9c66bdccaa5095ee6  ppc/
31cc37bf3da6e3fccb4d70a8541acd02  ppc/debug/
207ac31a45219edb3a1841571bd520eb  x86_64/
67068adb2235c2b6582742623cf0b3f0  x86_64/
ec90435d0eb8cb145286a7987237a5ec  x86_64/
5bb8e1b82b00495d763fd84f17104857  x86_64/
54b33b2b540760ca721ab7ae20b96c90  x86_64/
f3c1293e7dcb1cb3011014019787cfbe  x86_64/
827c903f93864aa3580e54da718d3728  x86_64/
4529e2dfdf248ca1ee2d78add3e1f20c  x86_64/
e1701d5cdf82d1c8b1af3e368a900aab  x86_64/
aaf6f091e0cdfe02e0d31c026a12b617  x86_64/
e01f00ca90abc60c155de7e8ce4e2dc2  x86_64/
6134f5efc10ab04ec5921ca292b4405c  x86_64/
e8821a56a8719d72bfd5bbfdc28cad23  x86_64/
ea3ff5404ee0cbeac13868dff07b71c3  x86_64/
1db4a70f5428ff4d2dda8af616e6b48e  x86_64/
89421615aef18a0408c90310e2eca95c  x86_64/
8f0274858008558b6b96e65b77cb977b  x86_64/
73bf409e29aca1bbb5606b5b7e3e9998  x86_64/
a0bc75bdfa61ceb190cf8f9eb057a704  x86_64/
afe4ffc54157ef207f7d62b44bda886d  x86_64/
fb6f1e77f0bcb228af40b5efe58f2bea  x86_64/
540624f932a43f20c8b196994896c59e  x86_64/
6c526bac0b549266450845fc58d12755  x86_64/
cc2f22700377e3b3063bc5294538f59c  x86_64/
44d49c39aa65d6848b4821516f12973c  x86_64/
01fa190f2eb5cef698dd8299d19a38ff  x86_64/
fc0510060fb08f34a20926dd3070ee73  x86_64/
d5d01d4aa7f5801309a2d7cf74c6529b  x86_64/
abc93c47567799fc30aaa55f7e117454  x86_64/
90ec2677223ccdd6d3b07ebfe970af14  x86_64/
6a19c3e85f6c401f6c6507e7e5b3da04  x86_64/
80c9ec1859ee55c5107f4976cbbbf05a  x86_64/
8371848454346438f8356496b9d41272  x86_64/
86d074907e48670deed697dcbcc2daef  x86_64/
45458989e081d4bf30f5b7f7f2268ace  x86_64/
e81a86f0999f6dc16c66f84882996fe7  x86_64/
a65a53a3b807097f377d16812208e825  x86_64/
f8677d8692f7d0b63a06d123f72d9278  x86_64/
36d0b168b93dbb2bf9c0b54c08545d2b  x86_64/
54c3d8fd5423561c970d38b2979cf5ab  x86_64/
33f9dc1908352f37e87cac6af548653e  x86_64/
b8a6073fe59b85cbd66c9f0eb3789601  x86_64/
4af2ceb7fa19c8b82363e5a676d7f866  x86_64/
6c12c60d2f2283ee81b4d6e3564753d7  x86_64/
bedac9ef22f290b8cab5a761db691aab  x86_64/
64e94a96d1885ddb2fa8971766884764  x86_64/
c0d88433008d3a63d9f53f4e6b30f3f2  x86_64/
50f5d22f89ea848d8b7551c1eea4f1c2  x86_64/
0b40d62e2cc231405bf6463b787511ae  x86_64/
9b9d280359c844b18dde5a977647fdd7  x86_64/
207ac31a45219edb3a1841571bd520eb  i386/
1e69fc1ed7b2fc485ed114f8914a39b2  i386/
67068adb2235c2b6582742623cf0b3f0  i386/
ec90435d0eb8cb145286a7987237a5ec  i386/
5bb8e1b82b00495d763fd84f17104857  i386/
54b33b2b540760ca721ab7ae20b96c90  i386/
f3c1293e7dcb1cb3011014019787cfbe  i386/
827c903f93864aa3580e54da718d3728  i386/
4529e2dfdf248ca1ee2d78add3e1f20c  i386/
e1701d5cdf82d1c8b1af3e368a900aab  i386/
aaf6f091e0cdfe02e0d31c026a12b617  i386/
e01f00ca90abc60c155de7e8ce4e2dc2  i386/
6134f5efc10ab04ec5921ca292b4405c  i386/
e8821a56a8719d72bfd5bbfdc28cad23  i386/
fb3fb4c7e7870dd9a4d5e5d213412ff5  i386/
ea3ff5404ee0cbeac13868dff07b71c3  i386/
1db4a70f5428ff4d2dda8af616e6b48e  i386/
89421615aef18a0408c90310e2eca95c  i386/
8f0274858008558b6b96e65b77cb977b  i386/
73bf409e29aca1bbb5606b5b7e3e9998  i386/
a0bc75bdfa61ceb190cf8f9eb057a704  i386/
afe4ffc54157ef207f7d62b44bda886d  i386/
fb6f1e77f0bcb228af40b5efe58f2bea  i386/
540624f932a43f20c8b196994896c59e  i386/
6c526bac0b549266450845fc58d12755  i386/
cc2f22700377e3b3063bc5294538f59c  i386/
44d49c39aa65d6848b4821516f12973c  i386/
01fa190f2eb5cef698dd8299d19a38ff  i386/
a3f708196ffda0d0f3d8eca08e9c75c6  i386/
fc0510060fb08f34a20926dd3070ee73  i386/
d5d01d4aa7f5801309a2d7cf74c6529b  i386/
abc93c47567799fc30aaa55f7e117454  i386/
c6fea184e6dcd3bd01df4a2d89271584  i386/
90ec2677223ccdd6d3b07ebfe970af14  i386/
6a19c3e85f6c401f6c6507e7e5b3da04  i386/
80c9ec1859ee55c5107f4976cbbbf05a  i386/
8371848454346438f8356496b9d41272  i386/
86d074907e48670deed697dcbcc2daef  i386/
45458989e081d4bf30f5b7f7f2268ace  i386/
e81a86f0999f6dc16c66f84882996fe7  i386/
a65a53a3b807097f377d16812208e825  i386/
f8677d8692f7d0b63a06d123f72d9278  i386/
36d0b168b93dbb2bf9c0b54c08545d2b  i386/
54c3d8fd5423561c970d38b2979cf5ab  i386/
33f9dc1908352f37e87cac6af548653e  i386/
b8a6073fe59b85cbd66c9f0eb3789601  i386/
4af2ceb7fa19c8b82363e5a676d7f866  i386/
6c12c60d2f2283ee81b4d6e3564753d7  i386/
bedac9ef22f290b8cab5a761db691aab  i386/
64e94a96d1885ddb2fa8971766884764  i386/
c0d88433008d3a63d9f53f4e6b30f3f2  i386/
50f5d22f89ea848d8b7551c1eea4f1c2  i386/
0b40d62e2cc231405bf6463b787511ae  i386/
9b9d280359c844b18dde5a977647fdd7  i386/
8f7ac6c54b760984e67cd90629d5cf2b  i386/debug/

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  

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