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Fedora Core 4 Update: gcc-4.0.1-4.fc4 Print E-mail
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Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Fedora Updated package.
Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        : gcc
Version     : 4.0.1                      
Release     : 4.fc4                  
Summary     : The GNU cc and gcc C compilers.
Description :
The gcc package includes the cc and gcc GNU compilers for compiling C


* Wed Jul 27 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.1-4.fc4
- rebuilt for FC4
  - disable stack protector patches
- update from CVS
  - PRs tree-optimization/22591, fortran/16940, libfortran/22570,
	libstdc++/23053, middle-end/16719, middle-end/18421,
	target/21149, target/22576
- fix fortran EQUIVALENCE handling with substrings (#160853,
  PRs fortran/18833, fortran/20850)
- improve fortran diagnostics for comparison of logicals (Volker Reichelt,
  PR fortran/22503)
- fix GCSE hoisting (Richard Sandiford, PR rtl-optimization/22167)

* Wed Jul 20 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.1-4
- update from CVS
  - PRs c++/22132, c++/22139, c++/22263, c/22421, fortran/13257,
	fortran/20842, fortran/21034, libfortran/18857, libfortran/21333,
	libfortran/21480, libfortran/21593, libfortran/21594,
	libfortran/21926, libfortran/22142, libfortran/22144,
	libstdc++/21193, middle-end/22057, target/21721, testsuite/21969
  - avoid discarding volatile casts (Richard Henderson, #162274,
    PR tree-opt/22278)
  - fix -frepo (Mark Mitchell, #163271, PR c++/22204)
- ensure debug info for C static file-scope vars is emitted with
  -g -O[23] (PR debug/21828)
- fix fortran handling of repeated character literals in DATA (#163394,
  PR fortran/20063)
- avoid sibling calls if structure arguments passed by value overlap
- work around PR middle-end/20606 (Andrew Haley)
- fix fortran output of -Infinity for length 3 (Jerry DeLisle)
- fix fortran handling of trailing blanks in exponents (Jerry DeLisle)

* Thu Jul 14 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.1-3
- update from CVS
  - PRs bootstrap/21704, c++/10611, c++/20563, c++/20637, c++/20678,
	c++/20746, c++/20789, c++/21903, c++/21929, fortran/15966,
	fortran/16531, fortran/18781, fortran/22327, fortran/22417,
	libfortran/16435, libfortran/21875, libgfortran/22412,
	libstdc++/22102, middle-end/20593, tree-opt/22105
- another attempt to fix libstdc++ mt allocator (#161061,
  PR libstdc++/22309)
- diagnose invalid uses of inline (Eric Christopher, #162216, #159731,
  PRs c/22052, c/21975)
- fix linker command line ordering when compiling multiple
  java source files (Tom Tromey, #163099)
- use backtrace () in libgcj even on ia64
- support more than 16 nested GCC visibility pragmas (H.J.Lu)

* Sun Jul 10 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.1-2
- update from CVS
  - PRs fortran/17792, fortran/19926, fortran/21257, fortran/21375
- don't run check-ada twice
- create libgna{t,rl} symlinks in the build dir, so that
  check-ada doesn't link against installed libgnat
- add ia64 -fstack-protector support
- fix stack protector test for short arrays

* Fri Jul  8 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.1-1
- update from CVS
  - GCC 4.0.1 release
  - PRs tree-optimization/22000, tree-optimization/22171, middle-end/21985,
	target/22260, c/21911, c/22308, target/22083, middle-end/17961
  - use SCHED_OTHER rather than SCHED_RR in libjava (Andrew Haley, #152386)
  - fix compound literal handling (Joseph S. Myers, #160018, c/22013, c/22098)
- -fstack-protector{,-all} support (Richard Henderson)
- fix -march=i386 -masm=intel -fpic (#162585)
- make sure libstdc++ mt allocator calls pthread_key_delete before
  libstdc++ dlclose (#161061, PR libstdc++/22309)
- accept fortran ENTRY without () even in FUNCTIONs (#161634)
- fix fortran handling of ENTRY return var names as rvalues (#161669)
- fix fortran ICE on invalid preprocessor line (#161679)
- fix fortran handling of long preprocessor lines (#161680)
- add -std=legacy gfortran option (Roger Sayle)
- support logical to boolean (and vice versa) conversions as legacy
  fortran extension (Roger Sayle)
- fortran Hollerith constant and character array fixes (Feng Wang, #161430)
- add sparc and sparc64 to build_ada arches (#161865)

* Thu Jun 23 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-13
- update from CVS
  - PRs bootstrap/17383, libfortran/16436, libfortran/19216,
	libstdc++/21726, libstdc++/22111
- fix libltdl fix for */lib64 paths (#156005)
- fix ICE on invalid introduced in 4.0.0-10 (PR middle-end/22028)
- further symbol versioning fixes (PR libstdc++/22109)
- fix ICE when compiling call with excessive size of arguments
  passed by value (#160718, PR middle-end/17965)
- grmic fix (Archit Shah, #133180)

* Thu Jun 16 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-12
- update from CVS
  - PRs fortran/22038, libfortran/20930, libfortran/21950, rtl-opt/21528,
	target/20301, target/21889, tree-opt/19768, tree-optimization/21171,
	tree-optimization/21847, tree-optimization/22043
- further fixes for Fortran FORALL, also use less temporary memory for masks
- make libltdl aware of */lib64 paths (#156005)
- cast of vector to integral type fix (PR middle-end/21850)
- symbol versioning fixes (Benjamin Kosnik)

* Mon Jun  6 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-11
- update from CVS
  - PRs c++/20350, c++/21151, c++/21280, c++/21336, c++/21619, c++/21853,
	c/21873, c/21879, fortran/16898, fortran/16939, fortran/17192,
	fortran/17193, fortran/17202, fortran/18109, fortran/18283,
	fortran/18689, fortran/18890, fortran/19107, fortran/19195,
	fortran/20883, fortran/21912, java/21722, libgcj/21753, target/21888
- fix some -fvar-tracking bugs that were causing bogus DW_OP_piece ops
- extend GCC NLS support, so that gettext 0.14.5+ can verify GCC internal
  diagnostics format strings
- fix ICE on not fully enumerated VECTOR_CSTs (PR regression/21897)
- fix a typo in reset_evolution_in_loop

* Tue May 31 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-10
- update from CVS
  - PRs c++/21165, c++/21340, c++/21455, c++/21614, c++/21681, c++/21768,
	c++/21784, fortran/20846, libfortran/17283, libfortran/20006,
	libfortran/20179, libgcj/20273, libgcj/21775, middle-end/20931,
	middle-end/20946, middle-end/21595
- remove no longer used extra line in %build (#158863)
- fold extractions from vector constant
- fix  and , so that they are usable
  with -std=c89 -pedantic-errors
- gimplify SAVE_EXPRs in types (PRs c/21536, c/20760)
- fix ICE in ivopts on vector constant (Zdenek Dvorak,
  PR tree-optimization/21817)

* Wed May 25 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-9
- update from CVS
  - PRs c++/1016, c++/21686, libfortran/18495, libfortran/19014,
	libfortran/19016, libfortran/19106, libfortran/20074,
	libfortran/20436, libfortran/21075, libfortran/21108,
	libfortran/21354, libfortran/21376, libgcj/21637, libgcj/21703,
  - fix overflowed constant handling (Zdenek Dvorak, #156844,
    PRs middle-end/21331, tree-opt/21293)
- make sure slow_pthread_self is never yes for linux targets
- fix reg-stack ICE (#158407, PR target/21716)
- fix ICE on fortran alternate returns (#158434)
- fix ICE on fortran functions without explicit type with implicit none
  (#158232, PR fortran/21729)

This update can be downloaded from:

9ab6f1d8e837c59e771681d4b646e9e5  SRPMS/gcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.src.rpm
72607c61e3de53c0a888785252766bce  ppc/gcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
a0639f007dc12706a8d4600450007476  ppc/libgcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
89cb46168a0c673533562d040ca1ef78  ppc/gcc-c++-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
0f2c23f9fe9ad1a3d89c7091d11a5835  ppc/libstdc++-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
3b8a079fc30a4d85446fdfd6dafdc8a5  ppc/libstdc++-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
fc425cc1bb39979ba22639e7667104b4  ppc/gcc-objc-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
24800584092f2d159d9e97f2d2bf5da0  ppc/libobjc-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
9e73703cab7e2d996ea2d0392da599b1  ppc/gcc-gfortran-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
8ec881b1216674d079e6ef8ba4c8defb  ppc/libgfortran-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
c88bbf3aebbd5a1645d64d0a6e340346  ppc/libmudflap-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
ddee64566bc9daa18fbfc0e025e83fc2  ppc/libmudflap-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
e7b9e3f84a810bb10836204dbf4ed7ee  ppc/gcc-java-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
8095f8460f3e2ae7621a1c8028bd79e9  ppc/libgcj-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
18e38c6f049daee24b4c76450872e363  ppc/libgcj-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
9d866b535ae6cdfe94b35f36a077d699  ppc/libgcj-src-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
7196353bd9d440995f5d7e98b4ef51fc  ppc/gcc-ppc32-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
44441b0d3044190830fe1447229f824d  ppc/gcc-c++-ppc32-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
40bce1b0fae833d9112c0fdfe2e3d5a8  ppc/cpp-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
b77d4d77b608f673dda76c863a466f74  ppc/debug/gcc-debuginfo-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc.rpm
d28991b1ccb1e16c4cd16f8f1ef4b9ef  ppc/libgcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc64.rpm
0a8c31563e7851b0ff9de4bf08b9724f  ppc/libstdc++-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc64.rpm
6ccff2366d98263cced5f4707481c241  ppc/libstdc++-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc64.rpm
fdef6a13e83daddf6639da730fb3793f  ppc/libobjc-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc64.rpm
eeae566e4efcb6ce6bef38cd35c1a8de  ppc/libgfortran-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc64.rpm
a29ae3177becf656816ffdf3de431918  ppc/libmudflap-4.0.1-4.fc4.ppc64.rpm
a0303917d26d91b450853300181b0029  x86_64/gcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
47514f16d520c1d24629d571547c6753  x86_64/libgcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
5a24fa17f822cffc938d09fbbddb539d  x86_64/gcc-c++-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
f6a48edabda94c5e9526c008888cf3aa  x86_64/libstdc++-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
394f44c04fe1ca87653a5d8f3c5e56be  x86_64/libstdc++-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
7da4f46beff80fbbb059501498d7ff47  x86_64/gcc-objc-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
8499544f53b5176110a8726569c7bc38  x86_64/libobjc-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
28a54d9eca016dd2e3e23123f416d53a  x86_64/gcc-gfortran-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
0ee517789e5dafb35fffab3a9cced331  x86_64/libgfortran-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
9316c2dab6703918459dd26949b405dc  x86_64/libmudflap-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
1170b2212a10df0b625d8544dad2f152  x86_64/libmudflap-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
4a82fb3bfc150efe5fbf495341556663  x86_64/gcc-java-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
8fef712c6dcfb28ac0c1f1b9310b2469  x86_64/libgcj-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
c5fb0bbcf56c71c5ea7f3b378f964822  x86_64/libgcj-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
2d029c7bf97e81429ad10405072634d5  x86_64/libgcj-src-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
6a93a80df9d9a633d8d2af581fd88945  x86_64/cpp-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
39ea00118fb3ab3712554d1ac2d9392e  x86_64/gcc-gnat-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
055ecf58eaf591b4c36f0c1f4d9506d9  x86_64/libgnat-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
c97ffadef943b77323f9777d06c6c5ac  x86_64/debug/gcc-debuginfo-4.0.1-4.fc4.x86_64.rpm
a8690e32e49b44b9683dc0eb5655191a  x86_64/libgcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
5263c4d8837453f946e1e33eb66c3dce  x86_64/libstdc++-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
d4a6195f4776b162d361331aef4b1fc9  x86_64/libstdc++-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
0ea5ec635b6ec4c199456f5963edffae  x86_64/libobjc-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
98537f972a2016b93109acb3b5b37ef0  x86_64/libgfortran-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
76cbbf207f3a55d491ead4f95c3db79a  x86_64/libmudflap-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
411c235b92c638ccc59afb863f21feb3  x86_64/libgcj-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
011515bc061804bab5a10e4e28d3f6a7  x86_64/libgnat-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
1ec4d6952aca1f80f8bd667696615039  i386/gcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
a8690e32e49b44b9683dc0eb5655191a  i386/libgcc-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
52a9bdd6d93782fd70a55e919de13ca3  i386/gcc-c++-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
5263c4d8837453f946e1e33eb66c3dce  i386/libstdc++-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
d4a6195f4776b162d361331aef4b1fc9  i386/libstdc++-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
c6737f94eb626f0b7b311e2b3a3e09f5  i386/gcc-objc-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
0ea5ec635b6ec4c199456f5963edffae  i386/libobjc-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
bf5d54b0f4daede67e63d0d622fa0333  i386/gcc-gfortran-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
98537f972a2016b93109acb3b5b37ef0  i386/libgfortran-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
76cbbf207f3a55d491ead4f95c3db79a  i386/libmudflap-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
f00f0d5eb7aec6f77761d5ee6bff19a0  i386/libmudflap-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
a59d7ab3845a1aaf5d7d21c4b21f688b  i386/gcc-java-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
411c235b92c638ccc59afb863f21feb3  i386/libgcj-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
0dc7ad6c2949a94252cd1fee7c4b363b  i386/libgcj-devel-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
362e3d2a7b1620cf249c9ecd6cb048b1  i386/libgcj-src-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
e71442349ddeecccc31140ef88526de0  i386/cpp-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
545b7b005149754c014ac48588c86611  i386/gcc-gnat-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
011515bc061804bab5a10e4e28d3f6a7  i386/libgnat-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm
b6048017cb92606507f9e9d0f99c53d1  i386/debug/gcc-debuginfo-4.0.1-4.fc4.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  

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