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Fedora Core 4 Update: subversion-1.2.1-2.1 Print E-mail
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Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Fedora This update contains the latest release of Subversion. Subversion 1.2 adds support for locking (reserved checkouts), and includes many bug fixes and improvements.
Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        : subversion
Version     : 1.2.1                      
Release     : 2.1                  
Summary     : Modern Version Control System designed to replace CVS
Description :
Subversion is a concurrent version control system which enables one
or more users to collaborate in developing and maintaining a
hierarchy of files and directories while keeping a history of all
changes.  Subversion only stores the differences between versions,
instead of every complete file.  Subversion is intended to be a
compelling replacement for CVS.

Update Information:

This update contains the latest release of Subversion.  Subversion 1.2 adds support for locking (reserved checkouts), and includes many bug fixes and improvements.  Note that the default backend for newly created repositories has changed in Subversion 1.2 to the "FSFS" (filesystem) from the Berkeley DB backend.
* Wed Jul  6 2005 Joe Orton  1.2.1-2.1
- update to 1.2.1

* Mon Jun 20 2005 Joe Orton  1.2.0-2.2
- filter out dependencies on perl(SVN::*)

* Thu Jun 16 2005 Joe Orton  1.2.0-2.1
- rebuild

* Wed May 25 2005 Joe Orton  1.2.0-2
- disable java on all but x86, x86_64, ppc (#158719)

* Tue May 24 2005 Joe Orton  1.2.0-1
- update to 1.2.0; add ruby subpackage

This update can be downloaded from:

ac1db4f1995540279f27d83ab7790e63  SRPMS/subversion-1.2.1-2.1.src.rpm
77dff5d376be4548cde4471567561c71  ppc/subversion-1.2.1-2.1.ppc.rpm
af39c0df5d15cb058664733a4aaa177d  ppc/subversion-devel-1.2.1-2.1.ppc.rpm
dad30780dab41b51b1054508a7d23dfc  ppc/mod_dav_svn-1.2.1-2.1.ppc.rpm
825b36258c8a1f9088abd602396d2513  ppc/subversion-perl-1.2.1-2.1.ppc.rpm
b69572b3ab6084c82ed75f5b094d2d48  ppc/subversion-javahl-1.2.1-2.1.ppc.rpm
2f697f8962e42e1198e9d193d8f56d63  ppc/subversion-ruby-1.2.1-2.1.ppc.rpm
7e84a16d1a87db2bfac9338cbb88bd07  ppc/debug/subversion-debuginfo-1.2.1-2.1.ppc.rpm
41839322b1268fda2c89988f881bea50  x86_64/subversion-1.2.1-2.1.x86_64.rpm
d3f28ac71486405f025243fa6d7317aa  x86_64/subversion-devel-1.2.1-2.1.x86_64.rpm
9d02877f8da8edb974f0c40ef5274955  x86_64/mod_dav_svn-1.2.1-2.1.x86_64.rpm
c354e61e01cc78dea4ac29227039c7cc  x86_64/subversion-perl-1.2.1-2.1.x86_64.rpm
9ee7880b4eef2f20b5d4a447ba433569  x86_64/subversion-javahl-1.2.1-2.1.x86_64.rpm
68a9409547020d45eee367b584be3983  x86_64/subversion-ruby-1.2.1-2.1.x86_64.rpm
676a3de1fc4a37ecb982c953162dd18e  x86_64/debug/subversion-debuginfo-1.2.1-2.1.x86_64.rpm
329cb16f8e2f5ea26b81aef96d249bd9  i386/subversion-1.2.1-2.1.i386.rpm
5be40d66312ccf114fa633fcc82e5688  i386/subversion-devel-1.2.1-2.1.i386.rpm
ef3cb221144f2e27dec0314ee796cf90  i386/mod_dav_svn-1.2.1-2.1.i386.rpm
b3f4e8088a94dd2a7a921fce4f4f93cc  i386/subversion-perl-1.2.1-2.1.i386.rpm
dee2cc0cab71d2997e2f3747a45e9b48  i386/subversion-javahl-1.2.1-2.1.i386.rpm
571f0884cafda480aa73aac59f7513cc  i386/subversion-ruby-1.2.1-2.1.i386.rpm
065f463e453c9781d0e560d4cde99068  i386/debug/subversion-debuginfo-1.2.1-2.1.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  

fedora-announce-list mailing list
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