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Fedora Core 4 Update: Print E-mail
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Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Fedora Updated package released.
Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        :
Version     : 1.9.117                      
Release     : 3.1.0.fc4                  
Summary     : comprehensive office suite.
Description : is an Open Source, community-developed, multi-platform
office productivity suite.  It includes the key desktop applications,
such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, formula
editor and drawing program, with a user interface and feature set
similar to other office suites.  Sophisticated and flexible, also works transparently with a variety of file
formats, including Microsoft Office.

Usage: Simply type "ooffice" to run or select the
requested component (Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, etc.) from your
desktop menu. On first start a few files will be installed in the
user's home, if necessary.

The team hopes you enjoy working with!

Note: Non-.vor templates covered under the GPL license.


* Tue Jul 19 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.117-3
- add workspace.qwizardsbfooo20.patch to avoid missing FormWizard spam
on save

* Fri Jul 15 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.117-2
- add to
  fix evoab2
- add as minor .doc
  export regression fix for rh#158252#
- split email mailmerge stuff into a subpackage to avoid python
  dependancy on writer

* Wed Jul 13 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.117-1
- bump to next version and drop the integrated (finally) fpicker patch
- back to using stlport for now because I'm dubious
- rh#162984# fallbacks from en_AU to en_GB for wizards
- rh#160783# set a targetname for font when it's found
- add
- add for

* Mon Jul 11 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.116-3
- enable evo addressbook in addressbook wizard
- rh#162875# extra leading / from file picker
- update fpicker stuff
- add workspace.impress63.patch for rh#162158#
- add as a temporary
  workaround until I figure out just what the hell is wrong

* Mon Jul 11 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.116-2
- add

* Sat Jul  9 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.116-1
- bump to new version, Hamburg burning the midnight oil apparently
- add
- drop integrated

* Fri Jul  8 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.115-3
- in rawhide we should be able to use system-xmlsec1 now with 
  system-xmlsec patch

* Thu Jul  7 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.115-2
- add
  and disable worthless nas/portaudio/sndfile stuff
- add
  and see if we can build faster with xsltproc

* Thu Jul  7 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.115-1
- bump to next version
- add
- rpath of ORIGIN complete, enable failure on regression
- drop integrated

* Mon Jul  4 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.114-2
- further split langpacks
- modify test for $ORIGIN rpaths
- rh#161886# 
- add for rh#160293#
- add to workaround
  multiple pyuno registering failures
- add to provide email
  support for maill merge
- add and not build

* Mon Jul  4 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.114-1
- bump to next version

* Thu Jun 30 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.113-1
- bump to new version
- translations merged, drop translation sources
- hsqldb bumped to version with working build.xml, drop sources
- add patch to work around notorious gcc19870 for hsqldb
- indic font fallbacks now in upstream
- integrated

* Wed Jun 29 2005 Caolan McNamara  - 1:1.9.112-2
- wrong userdir
- allow fallbacks for translations with partial support file coverage
- rh#160301# tweak fontconfig patch to ignore opensymbol/starsymbol

This update can be downloaded from:

a9c6a75716a65ae9169724466b153bca  SRPMS/
2d9f4ffad2aa1dfbfa707cba0b52e3bb  ppc/
51b5acf9206b1cc5abe5d42a8e7e6a83  ppc/
2ee9c2e96d2ff355723bfaf0c69eed54  ppc/
b48645bf709fddcbfc4024e0cf1ad01d  ppc/
aa3abc6a59a465b6b47d320eb1d26d23  ppc/
1bf13ac3b09773440f75bd81edbf6e6e  ppc/
046a0c48bc37ffa23ed20651907a1d0a  ppc/
39ae63b3f23200f74056e34bd34076b3  ppc/
1ce1d90d483cd90c431f7fbbb509a842  ppc/
546c6718f369376ec3f53c1ac5468ce8  ppc/
fdaebd0c9c481b1b1cbcd953f641aeda  ppc/
d770335b365cdb7aa0ca2a520dced8f1  ppc/
db9827a6273fa46060ec2e89899f1175  ppc/
7bfc5fc2294361bf127ecee03b51c2eb  ppc/
809052bb6987d89dc3aa647a47f66f5a  ppc/
79583f485a9ee6146cd18ae75403840b  ppc/
520a27177a5cbe296fafbc22a800ee9a  ppc/
2f4ebed57fa9a02804641391651b2961  ppc/
48e8bccdc6fd70fd22d6c1def5394704  ppc/
35af26cbc3ce65d4da8b21c73d7dc78d  ppc/
6b902be48a12d5062c16925f9953dfa8  ppc/
44435c74b687fb5e4065329c521d53c0  ppc/
02c6ec88fa8389f0f0ccafaa76693be3  ppc/
6ee730eec4055b1df4dc319ff1851501  ppc/
13f57dee247d5cc997ea6f0c9a731b82  ppc/
f0ed39dd6e030f5bc5ef5cd019aff01b  ppc/
4c18141e1b9a551d064ba2fbc488b217  ppc/
dc6742f12f74064878fce0070b42a6eb  ppc/
10b3c6cd7c7d74b03923ec0374975801  ppc/
fa3147d2d368ac673b8b006efaa99073  ppc/
cef5a1ea4403efdee5fe3bbea57adc38  ppc/
be3201d9bd03eff3c1c50bccc8f5105e  ppc/
5afca95e9cf4fa929b814543e1b9cc96  ppc/
f5a28e1dcd6b9dac4229c05b84f0d2a9  ppc/
131517080fc60c46a928009a1d22506d  ppc/
8613efee9efda55ec073c027c81b389a  ppc/
a59b06e6fdcb845e31d032ce87f86746  ppc/
2bcb7f111fa636c1d824242270fb0c9b  ppc/
ad939ddf32dcc3c0fae9adbd43f0d915  ppc/
93c06441fb4e22ead0049f48d45ff3f7  ppc/
0c12021426699a97dc3a56a52230ed8a  ppc/
fa6ed052cd85530e3fe1e96027854e1b  ppc/
ac1bca41600dd3d8e7aa2f0951805435  ppc/
b12654dc4849397bbfbfc98e125df3d0  ppc/
c5e80a3241f995d1a023657a0bc69589  ppc/
37fc896101b9a6d5c578f19669ac997f  ppc/
b697f66a2c146622b7ccb18dbc345b17  ppc/
6ffe62fd56c0de7d3a1826573713a5a5  ppc/
7b104f106ad9aeddafc7e695a502a37e  ppc/
475ac089e3e32faef0a1a524d5be9246  ppc/
5d895a1310e2d6c3adc9d22fbcc68b6b  ppc/
83218e872b6424692e6d134144af1a11  ppc/
7ffaff15bc7c62d96340a61ac8e19080  ppc/
f5db971208565ce89f4d3a0529083b0d  ppc/
865829ca10e3e7f401db9131743394a1  ppc/debug/
d98aa06fe44d66005b205a94977117fb  x86_64/
2cc3b2df69513616250c53ddc22221bd  x86_64/
3b6cdcd873641476e0e696a2f9d7ea8e  x86_64/
93efddc7effd6a49a8ed37b487152a9c  x86_64/
609131a45588be6133bf43fa0030d87c  x86_64/
04e9add1944ca1fe9598d55eedc5319d  x86_64/
d502754157a23fd89e507e662a665a46  x86_64/
6fbbf65fd8330f48655379c79f32d7da  x86_64/
f4e621ea03eaaaede42eca1ab78392ca  x86_64/
bb2e3166a1cdfeff31139327373c3205  x86_64/
739a776bbb7c2132492a0dc2e238a0aa  x86_64/
6bb9b2458b25585e9295dc3d7d024970  x86_64/
f359926ec583e43d4bc640b082cd31b8  x86_64/
6017126c18119cb21aa4ce1ca7636cef  x86_64/
737be2e1198ca0ede5073be609ca8539  x86_64/
073b02663aefb68dd0a4a8d0eaa5f936  x86_64/
580747ea01d3a795cc56940379b64e75  x86_64/
9fb243b2caf8b4cb1c53c8d35323f247  x86_64/
6b5d017551751c6dab03ae70d857c44a  x86_64/
a610af3103c1ac2bc427c82dec679261  x86_64/
cd14597642f0afcccbd3e1e78e5b91a2  x86_64/
aaae0f1537d6969ff7077e051813c4a6  x86_64/
f11e238e833d5cb33d9d98b2a69dc0d9  x86_64/
ab7d168fef7917012953b96873f41a18  x86_64/
acaca6f875067c116432d7c0afe920e0  x86_64/
7ec08af0a1c93839bb1dae78a6f1a3f5  x86_64/
7271ed39fb0b732b0135587e5682000d  x86_64/
bdc16a6700e1cb016e6feb1cb7f38147  x86_64/
d56ab4fae9a4c625415c852d7336a213  x86_64/
c637d1fb9bebfcc19b924f0b12703ced  x86_64/
ff2e2863d578f9b66fe8bc4119d92584  x86_64/
a6787ab100f8dccf9aa6e0ea51b01695  x86_64/
5e2a43aca5163492857addd7b2919ee3  x86_64/
c3e564b19262bfcc85d8298792d2e78a  x86_64/
f84dbdb72374dfc1a61a72ecc4b4152d  x86_64/
9d62ca29f3f4c6594bffc2effe662d7c  x86_64/
cbc9cbdfe5f262e3ecb1a547d6bba403  x86_64/
6a68ecf57626265b3019319825aa76bb  x86_64/
15ec8addeed19b2b60527fc85048ef75  x86_64/
61fe7139f8090b50397653bffcd96401  x86_64/
8e57047288557e95d76ef29005766c45  x86_64/
4e80961c761f924043cd68ee005d8988  x86_64/
ac96e78fbb690abb199c9e8e9b058a00  x86_64/
f4b2840fdb9332441119dc742dc47b26  x86_64/
9974a630b89fdd4f66dce7a91902243d  x86_64/
bad8886792317f29fdf52fb706fb75a3  x86_64/
aeeb962037aa3d43b55b1f19d25f4131  x86_64/
065ad2f99689c03f4365387d70eb2eb2  x86_64/
ac4f44e8667bac2a1c8cf9e7c663b198  x86_64/
7833c92a667004e5c863f97b1874691d  x86_64/
d98aa06fe44d66005b205a94977117fb  i386/
e37a0b53042bcc53553c2ba46ecfd53c  i386/
2cc3b2df69513616250c53ddc22221bd  i386/
3b6cdcd873641476e0e696a2f9d7ea8e  i386/
93efddc7effd6a49a8ed37b487152a9c  i386/
609131a45588be6133bf43fa0030d87c  i386/
04e9add1944ca1fe9598d55eedc5319d  i386/
d502754157a23fd89e507e662a665a46  i386/
6fbbf65fd8330f48655379c79f32d7da  i386/
f4e621ea03eaaaede42eca1ab78392ca  i386/
bb2e3166a1cdfeff31139327373c3205  i386/
739a776bbb7c2132492a0dc2e238a0aa  i386/
6bb9b2458b25585e9295dc3d7d024970  i386/
f359926ec583e43d4bc640b082cd31b8  i386/
69e449b331f6b6bae572753b32979ed7  i386/
6017126c18119cb21aa4ce1ca7636cef  i386/
737be2e1198ca0ede5073be609ca8539  i386/
073b02663aefb68dd0a4a8d0eaa5f936  i386/
580747ea01d3a795cc56940379b64e75  i386/
9fb243b2caf8b4cb1c53c8d35323f247  i386/
6b5d017551751c6dab03ae70d857c44a  i386/
a610af3103c1ac2bc427c82dec679261  i386/
cd14597642f0afcccbd3e1e78e5b91a2  i386/
aaae0f1537d6969ff7077e051813c4a6  i386/
f11e238e833d5cb33d9d98b2a69dc0d9  i386/
ab7d168fef7917012953b96873f41a18  i386/
acaca6f875067c116432d7c0afe920e0  i386/
7ec08af0a1c93839bb1dae78a6f1a3f5  i386/
4d85e90686ac2d6f7514bc6c4dfe61d9  i386/
7271ed39fb0b732b0135587e5682000d  i386/
bdc16a6700e1cb016e6feb1cb7f38147  i386/
d56ab4fae9a4c625415c852d7336a213  i386/
c4d9948916310de229bf69d4f367c01c  i386/
c637d1fb9bebfcc19b924f0b12703ced  i386/
ff2e2863d578f9b66fe8bc4119d92584  i386/
a6787ab100f8dccf9aa6e0ea51b01695  i386/
5e2a43aca5163492857addd7b2919ee3  i386/
c3e564b19262bfcc85d8298792d2e78a  i386/
f84dbdb72374dfc1a61a72ecc4b4152d  i386/
9d62ca29f3f4c6594bffc2effe662d7c  i386/
cbc9cbdfe5f262e3ecb1a547d6bba403  i386/
6a68ecf57626265b3019319825aa76bb  i386/
15ec8addeed19b2b60527fc85048ef75  i386/
61fe7139f8090b50397653bffcd96401  i386/
8e57047288557e95d76ef29005766c45  i386/
4e80961c761f924043cd68ee005d8988  i386/
ac96e78fbb690abb199c9e8e9b058a00  i386/
f4b2840fdb9332441119dc742dc47b26  i386/
9974a630b89fdd4f66dce7a91902243d  i386/
bad8886792317f29fdf52fb706fb75a3  i386/
aeeb962037aa3d43b55b1f19d25f4131  i386/
065ad2f99689c03f4365387d70eb2eb2  i386/
ac4f44e8667bac2a1c8cf9e7c663b198  i386/
7833c92a667004e5c863f97b1874691d  i386/
51eb3a5cb36cbdf290d3d2b66e9c8987  i386/debug/

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  

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