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Fedora Core 3 Update: gcc4-4.0.0-0.41.fc3 Print E-mail
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Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Fedora Updated package.
Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 3
Name        : gcc4
Version     : 4.0.0                     =20
Release     : 0.41.fc3                 =20
Summary     : Preview of GCC version 4.0
Description :
The gcc4 package contains preview of the GNU Compiler Collection version 4.=


* Wed Apr  6 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.41.fc3

- update from CVS
  - PRs c++/19312, c++/20734, libgcj/20750, middle-end/19225, target/20342,
	target/20421, target/20447, target/20625, target/20670, ada/19956,
	c++/18644, c++/19159, c++/19199, c++/20679, debug/20505,
	libfortran/20068, libfortran/20125, libfortran/20156,
	libfortran/20471, libfortran/20755, libgcj/20727, libgcj/20761,
	rtl-optimization/16104, rtl-optimization/20527, target/19537,
	target/20446, tree-optimization/19903, c++/19406, c/17855, c/17913,
	c/20368, c/20519, c/772, debug/19345, libfortran/20660, libgcj/20090,
	libgcj/20526, middle-end/19454, middle-end/20177, middle-end/20635,
	rtl-optimization/20600, target/20203, target/20611,
	libfortran/15332, libfortran/19678, libfortran/19679,
	libfortran/20163, middle-end/20263, middle-end/20491,
	rtl-optimization/20249, target/15491, target/20617, tree-opt/19108,
	tree-optimization/19108, middle-end/20622, c++/19769, c++/19980,
	c++/20147, c++/20147, c++/20461, c++/20463, c++/20465, c++/20499,
	c++/20536, libfortran/18025, libgcj/11085, libgcj/14892, libgcj/18083,
	libgcj/2641, libgcj/9854, libstdc++/20352, libstdc++/20577,
	middle-end/20539, middle-end/20557, other/20564, target/20166,
	target/20561, rtl-optimization/20532, ada/18727, ada/19140, ada/19408,
	ada/19900, ada/20255, ada/20344, c++/20240, c++/20333, fortran/18525,
	fortran/18827, java/20522, libfortran/20257, libfortran/20480,
	libgcj/20251, middle-end/15700, middle-end/20225, middle-end/20493,
	target/18251, target/18380, target/18551, tree-optimization/17454,
	tree-optimization/20474, preprocessor/19475, tree-optimization/20076
  - fixed ABI bug where __attribute was ignored on certain struct
    fields (Mark Mitchell, PR c++/20763)
  - fix edge redirection (Alexandre Oliva, #152149,
    PR tree-optimization/20640)
  - fix PRE causing miscompilation of sudo (Daniel Berlin, #151632,
    PR tree-optimization/20601)
  - fix loop optimizer with loops that after tree optimization are entered
    after the loop body (Alexandre Oliva, PR rtl-optimization/20290, #15002=
  - fix handling of jump tables at the end of scope with -g1 (#151466)
- add g++.dg/compat/struct-layout-1.exp compatibility tests
- remove very old ChangeLogs from %doc, bzip2 all ChangeLogs to
  save space
- BuildRequire gmp-devel with mpfr support
- revert (just for gcc4-4*, not gcc-4*) PR libstdc++10606 patch, so that
  GCC 3.4.3-RH libstdc++ can be used (#151462)

* Tue Mar 15 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.34.fc3

- update from gcc-4_0-branch
  - PRs c++/20157, c++/20280, fortran/16907, fortran/20323, fortran/20361,
        fortran/20467, libfortran/20124, middle-end/19331, other/20326,
        rtl-optimization/20306, target/20288, target/20415,
	c++/20142, c++/20186, c++/20208, c++/20375, libgcj/20389,
        rtl-opt/20412, ada/20035, c++/19311, c++/19797, debug/20253,
	fortran/19673, fortran/19754, fortran/19936, java/18362, java/20215,
        libgcj/20155, libgcj/20292, rtl-optimization/19683,
        target/20277, tree-optimization/18815, tree-optimization/20122,
	c++/18327, c++/18384, c++/20232, fortran/19479,
        libgcj/20160, libobjc/19024, rtl-optimization/17728,
        target/19065, target/19819, tree-optimization/20216
  - fixed PR c++/19916 (Mark Mitchell, #148793)
  - fixed (Alexandre Oliva, #149098)
  - fix s390* reload issue (Ulrich Weigand, #150115)
- fix CSE on hard registers with different modes (Zdenek Dvorak, #150115,
  PR middle-end/20249)
- fix PR middle-end/18628 (Alexandre Oliva)
- fix miscompilation of python (Alexandre Oliva, PR target/20126)
- fix ICE when taking address of a member function in template
  (Kriang Lerdsuwanakij, PR c++/20381)
- fix handling of in/out asm constraints with multiple alternatives
  (#150202, PR inline-asm/20314)
- fix miscompilation of libcpp.a on x86-64 (PR target/20322)
- with CSE handling of TABLEJUMPs (Alexendre Oliva, PR middle-end/18628)
- revert PR c++/16405 fix to fix PR c++/19317 (Qt miscompilation)
- fix libcpp, so that it can be compiled by GCC4 on 64-bit
  big-endian architectures (PRs bootstrap/20282, bootstrap/20305)
- fix -fno-unit-at-a-time handling of static functions with
  global aliases (Alexandre Oliva, #150150)

* Thu Feb 24 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.29

- fix -Wmissing-braces in C++ (PR c++/20175)
- fix PowerPC sCC splitters (PR target/20196)

* Wed Feb 23 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.28

- update from trunk
  - rename PowerPC IBM long double helper routines _xlq* to __gcc_*,
    but keep _xlq*@GCC_3.4 aliases around (#148841, PR target/19019)
  - make sure libjava GC memory is executable for libffi trampolines sake
    (#149348, PR libgcj/19823)
  - remove java abstract method check (#147968)
  - change __cxa_demangle to match cxx-abi change
    (Jason Merrill, #133406)
- fix ivopts (Zdenek Dvorak, PR tree-optimization/19937)
- workaround ia64 BImode issues (Roger Sayle, PRs target/20018,

* Fri Feb 18 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.27

- fix PRs c++/20008, target/20054
- fix PR tree-optimization/19828 (#149058)

* Thu Feb 17 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.26

- update from trunk
- fix PRs c++/20023, tree-optimization/20009

* Wed Feb 16 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.25

- fix PR c++/19813

* Wed Feb 16 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.24

- update from trunk
- fix PRs middle-end/19857, tree-optimization/18947
- work around PR debug/19769

* Thu Feb 10 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.23

- update from trunk
- in gcc4-java, require exact %{version}-%{release} of libgcj4 and
  libgcj4-devel (#146271)
- make sure is not PT_GNU_STACK RWE
- on i?86 with -mfpmath=3Dsse, optimize static routines whose address
  is never taken and don't use __attribute((used)) by passing some floating
  point arguments and return value in SSE registers
- add libgcj4-src subpackage
- fix PR middle-end/19858
- use crtendS.o instead of crtend.o on ppc -pie

* Tue Jan 25 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.22

- update from trunk
- fix PR rtl-optimization/19579
- remove Java *.a libraries, issue error for gcj -static (#145829)

* Sat Jan 22 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.21

- update from trunk
- fix PRs middle-end/19551, c/18946, c/19342
- allow REFERENCE_TYPEs in place of POINTER_TYPEs in builtins.c

* Tue Jan 18 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.20

- update from trunk
- fix PR c++/19406

* Thu Jan 13 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.19

- update from trunk
- fix PRs c++/19263, rtl-optimization/16104, c/17297, middle-end/19164,
	  rtl-optimization/15139, rtl-optimization/19348, middle-end/19084

* Thu Jan  6 2005 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.18

- update from trunk
- fix PRs tree-optimization/19060, rtl-optimization/18861,
	  tree-optimization/18828, rtl-optimization/19012,

* Fri Dec 31 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.17

- fix build of (#143862)
- remove libgcj.pc
- fix ICE in reshape_init_array (#143034, PRs c++/18384, c++/18327)

* Tue Dec 28 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.16

- update from trunk
- include also gcc4-java, libgcj4 and libgcj4-devel subpackages

* Tue Dec 14 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.15

- update from trunk
  - fix tree inlining related ICE (Alexandre Oliva, #141145)
- avoid multiple evaluation of sqrt and other math builtins when
  not -ffast-math (#142603, PR middle-end/18951)

* Tue Dec  7 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.14

- update from trunk
  - fix DEPENDENCIES_OUTPUT handling (#140921)
- fix symlinks (#141985)
- make sure target's LOAD_EXTEND_OP or lack thereof doesn't influence
  gcj -C output (#141730)

* Sat Nov 27 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.13

- update from trunk
  - change s390{,x} stack layout to work-around GCC 2.95.3 bug:
    former -mno-backchain (the default), -mbackchain and -mkernel-backchain
    options were transformed into (in order) -mno-backchain -mpacked-stack,
    -mbackchain -mno-packed-stack and -mbackchain -mpacked-stack.
    A new combination -mno-backchain -mno-packed-stack is now the
    new default (Andreas Krebbel, #139678)
- don't optimize printf/fprintf/__printf_chk/__fprintf_chk in any way
  if return value is not ignored
- some more tweaks on ia64

* Fri Nov 12 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.12

- update from trunk
- make _Unwind_* symbols in unversioned to match the
  "IA-64 Linux ABI"

* Mon Nov  8 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.11

- use/require GCC 3.4.3 instead of 3.4.2

* Sun Nov  7 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.10

- update from trunk
- add %doc COPYING and COPYING.LIB

* Thu Oct 28 2004 Jakub Jelinek   4.0.0-0.9

- update from trunk
- run testsuite with LC_ALL=3DC

This update can be downloaded from:

1fc3e514879a145ef4e85a558a2d71d5  SRPMS/gcc4-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.src.rpm
89dcb8e41b175a522be06aea7beac8d2  x86_64/gcc4-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.x86_64.rpm
b13da94d61dd36179f8a3f9549626858  x86_64/gcc4-c++-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.x86_64.rpm
1775c9d21829bfd9e6dc90c09bdfc33c  x86_64/gcc4-gfortran-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.x86_6=
767872f3decb4ed16f48f7a8eb5d2f6f  x86_64/libgfortran-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.x86_64.=
50c7951a9c7628dc6d30f0a6cdb2eb62  x86_64/libmudflap-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.x86_64.r=
0739b308cdb1151233ee76620d54a414  x86_64/libmudflap-devel-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.x8=
1bd70d5b839df9d7702caf82fe00cd8a  x86_64/debug/gcc4-debuginfo-4.0.0-0.41.fc=
1b7315375575ac61d723acf8cc7b7b93  x86_64/libgfortran-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.i386.rpm
a64416b022a71f5fb417c961b908c610  x86_64/libmudflap-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.i386.rpm
63bd27c81e01c865861ffc0af81186ad  i386/gcc4-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.i386.rpm
d67b9ed35f1216d08fef0eab8b5e2d6a  i386/gcc4-c++-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.i386.rpm
1c75725f0b915ee7bd28928caad617f1  i386/gcc4-gfortran-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.i386.rpm
1b7315375575ac61d723acf8cc7b7b93  i386/libgfortran-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.i386.rpm
a64416b022a71f5fb417c961b908c610  i386/libmudflap-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.i386.rpm
51381dee8b45d6006309a3f4035c683b  i386/libmudflap-devel-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.i386=
def50ccabfcb7daaf5d1704eeb5bac6f  i386/debug/gcc4-debuginfo-4.0.0-0.41.fc3.=

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command. =20

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MIME-Version: 1.0
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