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Fedora Core 3 Update: dhcpv6-0.10-11_FC3 Print E-mail
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Posted by Joseph Shakespeare   
Fedora Updated dhcpv6 package, adding Relay Agent support, Support for prefix delegation to radvd on interface other than lease reception interface and Fix cores on resolv.conf and radvd.conf update
Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 3
Name        : dhcpv6
Version     : 0.10
Release     : 11_FC3
Summary     : DHCPv6 - DHCP server and client for IPv6
Description :
Implements the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) networks in accordance with
RFC 3315 : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6).
Consists of dhcp6s(8), the server DHCP daemon, and dhcp6r(8),
the DHCPv6 relay agent.
Install this if you want to support dynamic configuration of
IPv6 addresses and parameters on your IPv6 network.
See man dhcp6s(8), dhcp6r(8), dhcp6s.conf(5),
and the documentation in /usr/share/doc/dhcpv6* .

Update Information:

Updated dhcpv6 package, adding:
  o Relay Agent support
  o Support for prefix delegation to radvd on interface other than lease reception interface
  o Fix cores on resolv.conf and radvd.conf update
* Thu Jan 13 2005 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-11

- Fix misc. compiler warnings and ms-dos formatted man-pages

* Wed Jan 12 2005 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-11

- Add 'prefix-delegation-interface' option to allow write
- of radvd interface configuration other than that for
- the interface the lease was received on.

* Mon Jan 10 2005 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-10

- Fix bug 144585: dhcp6c wasn't writing radvd.conf in prefix delegation mode

* Sun Jan 09 2005 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-10

- Add Relay Agent support. Thanks to  Brian Bluesker
- for the patch to add relay support to the server and for submitting the
- patch originally contributed by Cristian Cadar of NEC Europe to
- DHCPv6-developer  mailing list.

* Fri Jan 07 2005 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-9

- fix bug 143728: SEGV core on resolv.conf + radvd.conf update -
- yywrap()'s must return 1

* Mon Oct 18 2004 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-7

- fix bug 136146: clean up code - prevent compiler warnings

* Mon Sep 13 2004 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-6

- fix bug 132468 for bug 125712: invoke change_resolv_conf

* Mon Sep 13 2004 Bill Nottingham  - 0.10-5

- don't run by default
- add chkconfig prereqs, postun script, etc.

* Thu Sep 02 2004 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-3/4

- fixed missing %defattr for dhcpv6_client - bug 131638

* Mon Aug 30 2004 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-2

- Split into two packages: dhcpv6-*, containing server only,
- and dhcpv6_client-*, containing client only.

* Thu Aug 26 2004 Jason Vas Dias  - 0.10-1

- Initial build.

This update can be downloaded from:

62506556f539d6cba47420900000dce4  SRPMS/dhcpv6-0.10-11_FC3.src.rpm
0c507cf3a4b7a7b29efd3b0133325d78  x86_64/dhcpv6-0.10-11_FC3.x86_64.rpm
ce2011c665a2e4038133e88b7cff889e  x86_64/debug/dhcpv6-debuginfo-0.10-11_FC3.x86_64.rpm
f392f92f16c331d5cdfc8a1fde993827  x86_64/dhcpv6_client-0.10-11_FC3.x86_64.rpm
36dbc6696315e5135443653cfcd0c60b  i386/dhcpv6-0.10-11_FC3.i386.rpm
d2ff454d440409bc60674609279b292d  i386/debug/dhcpv6-debuginfo-0.10-11_FC3.i386.rpm
5e77fbdb6760ef7bc3e509b9ab1986dd  i386/dhcpv6_client-0.10-11_FC3.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

fedora-announce-list mailing list
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