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Guardian Digital Launches Next Generation Internet Defense & Detection System Print E-mail
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Features Comprehensive internet defense system delivers unsurpassed security combining intrusion detection and prevention in one easy to manage system.

ALLENDALE, NJ-April 5, 2004 -- Guardian Digital, Inc., the world's premier open source Internet security company, has today announced the first fully open source system designed to provide both intrusion detection and prevention functions. Guardian Digital Internet Defense & Detection System (IDDS) leverages best-in-class open source applications to protect networks and hosts using a unique multi-layered approach coupled with the security expertise and ongoing security vigilance provided by Guardian Digital.

"Guardian Digital IDDS addresses the growing demand for consistent, cost-effective protection from ever-increasing intrusions on the Internet," writes Nicholas DeClario, lead architect of intrusion systems at Guardian Digital. "Further defining its role as the open source Internet security leaders, the unique combination of services and support deliver unmatched protection, data correlation, and visibility for enterprises without sophisticated training or proprietary technologies."

Designed with the engineered security only found in Guardian Digital solutions, IDDS analyzes traffic on an organization's network or at their gateway for abnormal and potentially malicious activity, mitigating risk from debilitating vulnerabilities. Guardian Digital IDDS also delivers an extra layer of prevention at the host level, protecting web sites and other critical system information from being modified using an advanced form of access control.

"The engineered security provided by Guardian Digital combined with the new intrusion prevention feature of the IDDS, our network has never been more secure," writes Alexandre da Fonseca, chief technology officer for Paris, France-based Code511 Internet Security, S.A. "This is by far the best and easiest way to monitor and defend our system from intrusion attempts and malicious data."

With the addition of intrusion prevention, network security is further enhanced. When an intrusion is detected, the offending IP address is identified and the connection redirected or reset before harmful data has the opportunity to disrupt the network, reducing the number of Internet threats and immediately making systems less vulnerable to known and unknown attacks.

Frequent updates are available through the Guardian Digital Secure Network to consistently safeguard business-critical networks against a multitude of attacks, including buffer overflows, stealth port scans, CGI attacks and more. The added prevention mechanism is the perfect compliment to the already power-packed security features of the IDDS. Emphasizing increased security against costly network intrusions, IDDS includes:

  • Open source intrusion applications including Tripwire & Snort.
  • Network intrusion prevention.
  • Specific attack information gives administrators the resources to properly defend against the latest threats.
  • Detection of known and unknown attacks.
  • Recommended settings feature ensures network security while easing administrative duties.
  • Classified alerts determine the severity of the attack so to maximize security resources and eliminate guesswork.
  • Pre-defined list to block well-known worms and other attacks.
  • Comprehensive system auditing and graphical reports.
  • Maintains state to guard against evasion attacks.
  • Significant reduction of false positives.
  • Provide protection for critical infrastructure servers and public-forcing applications.
  • Simplified web-based management system. - No additional administration experienced required.

Working across all protocols, IDDS is designed to work perfectly in a DMZ or small critical subnet to proactively enhance network security while leveraging an organization's existing technology. This comprehensive security solution affords administrators all necessary information to appropriately allocate resources and take suitable action to identify and prevent harmful network attacks, saving substantial administration time, lessening risk, reducing false positives while simultaneously lowering IT costs.

Pricing and Availability

Internet Defense and Detection System is now available starting at $545 for the standard system and with prevention capabilities starting on April 23, 2004 starting at $1445. All options include a free annual subscription to the Guardian Digital Secure Network as the primary means to obtain system and security updates as well as regular intrusion and prevention engine updates. Comprehensive annual support subscriptions are also available.

About Guardian Digital

Guardian Digital, the premier open source security company, offers the first secure, open source Internet infrastructure system. Based on Guardian Digital's operating system platform, EnGarde, the company provides enterprises with the software and services necessary for secure computing on the Internet. By leveraging the merits of the collaborative open source design model, coupled with the company's security and Internet expertise, Guardian Digital solutions maintain the highest degree of security and reliability. Founded in 1999, Guardian Digital is headquartered in Allendale, New Jersey. For additional information, please visit or call 1-866-GD-LINUX.

Alison Parker
Guardian Digital, Inc.
Corporate Communications

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