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Mandrake: bind denial of service Print E-mail
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Posted by Team   
Mandrake An error condition will trigger the shutdown of the bind server when the rdataset parameter in message.c is not NULL as expected. This can only be used to create a Denial of Service on the server; the error condition is correctly detected, so it will not allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the server.


                Mandrake Linux Security Update Advisory

Package name:           bind
Advisory ID:            MDKSA-2002:038-1
Date:                   August 15th, 2002
Original Advisory Date: June 4th, 2002
Affected versions:      8.0, 8.1, 8.2

Problem Description:

 A vulnerability was discovered in the BIND9 DNS server in versions
 prior to 9.2.1.  An error condition will trigger the shutdown of the
 server when the rdataset parameter to the dns_message_findtype()
 function in message.c is not NULL as expected.  This condition causes
 the server to assert an error message and shutdown the BIND server.
 The error condition can be remotely exploited by a special DNS packet.
 This can only be used to create a Denial of Service on the server; the
 error condition is correctly detected, so it will not allow an attacker
 to execute arbitrary code on the server.


 Sascha Kettler noticed that the version of BIND9 supplied originally
 was in fact 9.2.1RC1 and mis-labelled as 9.2.1.  The packages provided
 in this update are BIND 9.2.1 final.  Likewise, the buffer overflow
 in the DNS resolver libraries, as noted in MDKSA-2002:043, has also
 been fixed.  Thanks to Bernhard Rosenkraenzer at Red Hat for 
 backporting the patches from 8.3.3 to 9.2.1.


Updated Packages:

 Mandrake Linux 8.0:
 2d333068cd1c97287cc6248d0ecb3094  8.0/RPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 5235059b1af4433f5f89719839d6ed83  8.0/RPMS/bind-devel-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 ca0df55cabe34fa2dc9aa38006ea58a8  8.0/RPMS/bind-utils-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 849d8830664ead2851e3bc5d1cd16414  8.0/RPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.noarch.rpm
 81b76c2f5bddd8b21afc1628aa0fbee3  8.0/SRPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.src.rpm
 254bb3d6d6126039688ffa42c2c23a0e  8.0/SRPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrake Linux 8.0/ppc:
 54d6399d39dafd8715fe42857ecdbb10  ppc/8.0/RPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ppc.rpm
 a49acb81b4e7bf2ae0f5d4fb2a8af773  ppc/8.0/RPMS/bind-devel-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ppc.rpm
 437c8f2f8fd8cb342964a9bfc3727808  ppc/8.0/RPMS/bind-utils-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ppc.rpm
 339aab22951c433943aec49791646f1f  ppc/8.0/RPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.noarch.rpm
 81b76c2f5bddd8b21afc1628aa0fbee3  ppc/8.0/SRPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.src.rpm
 254bb3d6d6126039688ffa42c2c23a0e  ppc/8.0/SRPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrake Linux 8.1:
 cc6e0e45be2d0dc02944e507cc150fdf  8.1/RPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 f06f4b3556df65a7a6986facf3e30dee  8.1/RPMS/bind-devel-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 00cf479e0abbcf027dad5aa255e75444  8.1/RPMS/bind-utils-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 e9f138b5ee6ca30484677a773d6cdacb  8.1/RPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.noarch.rpm
 81b76c2f5bddd8b21afc1628aa0fbee3  8.1/SRPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.src.rpm
 254bb3d6d6126039688ffa42c2c23a0e  8.1/SRPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrake Linux 8.1/ia64:
 a702b12112c21b1ff0734ca30a590faf  ia64/8.1/RPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ia64.rpm
 442b1d7b3a38b651c125e43d501745f6  ia64/8.1/RPMS/bind-devel-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ia64.rpm
 4d3144ca073cbbe04df703425a7fa115  ia64/8.1/RPMS/bind-utils-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ia64.rpm
 05b83591a3e16d26af8cc8123894a5f4  ia64/8.1/RPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.noarch.rpm
 81b76c2f5bddd8b21afc1628aa0fbee3  ia64/8.1/SRPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.src.rpm
 254bb3d6d6126039688ffa42c2c23a0e  ia64/8.1/SRPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrake Linux 8.2:
 c871ab517a1f789a134337dc580ab803  8.2/RPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 15cdebfe14d8a213101d758137364c72  8.2/RPMS/bind-devel-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 551bb255ed07bb0b257875190c866b42  8.2/RPMS/bind-utils-9.2.1-2.2mdk.i586.rpm
 18145fb072aaad5a7272a00ea4e0c411  8.2/RPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.noarch.rpm
 81b76c2f5bddd8b21afc1628aa0fbee3  8.2/SRPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.src.rpm
 254bb3d6d6126039688ffa42c2c23a0e  8.2/SRPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.src.rpm

 Mandrake Linux 8.2/ppc:
 b5b83be16e65c690baea0ee0818d37a1  ppc/8.2/RPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ppc.rpm
 6dcc3d95be37f499bdd1dd3c74f2fdb5  ppc/8.2/RPMS/bind-devel-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ppc.rpm
 bd3d39475eccd6f5a225900c15a53e74  ppc/8.2/RPMS/bind-utils-9.2.1-2.2mdk.ppc.rpm
 cc580609afa0dddc45a7d44c79996294  ppc/8.2/RPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.noarch.rpm
 81b76c2f5bddd8b21afc1628aa0fbee3  ppc/8.2/SRPMS/bind-9.2.1-2.2mdk.src.rpm
 254bb3d6d6126039688ffa42c2c23a0e  ppc/8.2/SRPMS/caching-nameserver-8.1-3.1mdk.src.rpm

Bug IDs fixed (see for more information):


To upgrade automatically, use MandrakeUpdate.  The verification of md5
checksums and GPG signatures is performed automatically for you.

If you want to upgrade manually, download the updated package from one 
of our FTP server mirrors and upgrade with "rpm -Fvh *.rpm".  A list of
FTP mirrors can be obtained from:

Please verify the update prior to upgrading to ensure the integrity of
the downloaded package.  You can do this with the command:

  rpm --checksig 

All packages are signed by MandrakeSoft for security.  You can obtain
the GPG public key of the Mandrake Linux Security Team from:

Please be aware that sometimes it takes the mirrors a few hours to 

You can view other update advisories for Mandrake Linux at:

MandrakeSoft has several security-related mailing list services that
anyone can subscribe to.  Information on these lists can be obtained by

If you want to report vulnerabilities, please contact

Type Bits/KeyID     Date       User ID
pub  1024D/22458A98 2000-07-10 Linux Mandrake Security Team

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