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Debian: 'imp' multiple vulnerabilities Print E-mail
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Posted by Team   
Debian The Horde team released version 2.2.6 of IMP (a web based IMAP mailprogram) which fixes three security problems. Their release announcementdescribes them as follows:

Debian Security Advisory DSA-073-1                                  Wichert Akkerman
August 11, 2001

Package        : imp
Problem type   : 3 remote exploits
Debian-specific: no

The Horde team released version 2.2.6 of IMP (a web based IMAP mail
program) which fixes three security problems. Their release announcement
describes them as follows:

1. A PHPLIB vulnerability allowed an attacker to provide a value for the
   array element $_PHPLIB[libdir], and thus to get scripts from another
   server to load and execute.  This vulnerability is remotely
   exploitable.  (Horde 1.2.x ships with its own customized version of
   PHPLIB, which has now been patched to prevent this problem.)

2. By using tricky encodings of "javascript:" an attacker can cause
   malicious JavaScript code to execute in the browser of a user reading
   email sent by attacker.  (IMP 2.2.x already filters many such
   patterns; several new ones that were slipping past the filters are
   now blocked.)

3. A hostile user that can create a publicly-readable file named
   "prefs.lang" somewhere on the Apache/PHP server can cause that file
   to be executed as PHP code.  The IMP configuration files could thus
   be read, the Horde database password used to read and alter the
   database used to store contacts and preferences, etc.  We do not
   believe this is remotely exploitable directly through Apache/PHP/IMP;
   however, shell access to the server or other means (e.g., FTP) could
   be used to create this file.

This has been fixed in version 2:2.2.6-0.potato.1 . Please note you
will also need to upgrade the horde package to the same version.

wget url
        will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
        will install the referenced file.

Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 alias potato

  Potato was released for alpha, arm, i386, m68k, powerpc and sparc.

  Source archives:
      MD5 checksum: 66f6581b1e5f4417660f490caa24a16f
      MD5 checksum: 5ae80d5f9a83fdee7887a251fff1ad24
      MD5 checksum: 9a63f630e56d3f6a9382dddfc8d74392
      MD5 checksum: dfd678eac1cb0942122a9e3c3ae132de
      MD5 checksum: bee66abb8039518f060cc2b6de06daa6
      MD5 checksum: 8f7920c8173e1ef2724cb25a311f9ca8

  Architecture independent archives:
      MD5 checksum: 397e13b5242dda2fe381cd1b8dd43140
      MD5 checksum: 22ceec9831933491ce0af72f6f437a9c

  These packages will be moved into the stable distribution on its next

For not yet released architectures please refer to the appropriate
directory$arch/ .

apt-get: deb stable/updates main
dpkg-ftp: dists/stable/updates/main
Mailing list:

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