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Debian: 'apache' vulnerabilities Print E-mail
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Posted by Team   
Debian WireX have found some occurrences of insecure opening of temporaryfiles in htdigest and htpasswd. The Apache group has also fixed a vulnerability in mod_rewrite.

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Debian Security Advisory DSA-021-1                                            Martin Schulze
January 26, 2001
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Package        : apache
Vulnerability  : insecure tempfile bug, broken mod_rewrite
Debian-specific: no

WireX have found some occurrences of insecure opening of temporary
files in htdigest and htpasswd.  Both programs are not installed
setuid or setgid and thus the impact should be minimal.  The Apache
group has released another security bugfix which fixes a vulnerability
in mod_rewrite which may result the remote attacker to access
arbitrary files on the web server.

We recommend you upgrade your Apache packages.

wget url
        will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
        will install the referenced file.

You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
footer to the proper configuration.

Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 alias potato
- ------------------------------------

  Potato was released for the alpha, arm, i386, m68k, powerpc and sparc

  Source archives:
      MD5 checksum: e718ee855e7252197ae22049a607bf19
      MD5 checksum: 974bb0bffd1a97ed2a355b4f300aba6e
      MD5 checksum: 6758fe8b931be0b634b6737d9debf703

  Intel ia32 architecture:
      MD5 checksum: 252886b62b347fe41d492b22a23ef1f8
      MD5 checksum: 0b3df81c96378160a86d8c47f2e06424
      MD5 checksum: 719bb4743340715230f0ca6d9167dc21

  Motorola 680x0 architecture:
      MD5 checksum: fd903e38c9e5f60d5b022726613013ac
      MD5 checksum: ca4c076e5855bb655e156cbc201fc002
      MD5 checksum: b4f63bc8cf2dd56a1fccc3d01606b769

  Sun Sparc architecture:
      MD5 checksum: f1a8e98a14f456fcd954c0c79aa1112b
      MD5 checksum: 1b81ec639bfff592c104ee8feb7f7bff
      MD5 checksum: 9d066a85be2660d5412a8da52ef38856

  Alpha architecture:
      MD5 checksum: c3802eee3b924fba4f715c0768b8e2a0
      MD5 checksum: b12cd7b68b9eae42e73e990f7a31fe50
      MD5 checksum: 43ebd20f2be39c35279cce8d921dfe2a

  PowerPC architecture:
      MD5 checksum: 41e381b05a80b8d7c850b05d3790f93e
      MD5 checksum: 65ab212b4825537384db0f509f90b284
      MD5 checksum: f6193cb949543a3030ddbddf119476bf

  ARM architecture:
      MD5 checksum: 0b4f9725689593ca276a63c5907acc4e
      MD5 checksum: 99a7bf367af716bafad48587f8dd1d42
      MD5 checksum: 0f76dc4a491fba532460048d4652c387

  Architecture independent:
      MD5 checksum: e8b121ff22f0b8a52d0dac7b8daefc25

  These files will be moved into*/binary-$arch/ soon.

For not yet released architectures please refer to the appropriate
directory$arch/ .

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
For apt-get: deb stable/updates main
For dpkg-ftp: dists/stable/updates/main
Mailing list:
Package info: `apt-cache show ' and

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