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RedHat: 'ispell' temporary files symlink vulnerability  05 June 2001 
The ispell program uses mktemp() to open temporary files - this makes itvulnerable to symlink attacks.
RedHat: 'xinetd' excessive permissions  05 June 2001 
Applications using the xinetdumask and not setting the permissions themselves (like swat from the sambapackage), will create world writable files.
RedHat: 'mktemp' tmp directory vulnerability  22 May 2001 
The version of mktemp shipped with Red Hat Linux prior to version 7 does not support creating temporary directories.
RedHat: 'man' heap overrun vulnerability  22 May 2001 
A heap overrun exists in the man packages shipped with Red Hat Linux5.x, 6.x and 7.0.Since man is setgid man, users could gain gid man privileges.
RedHat: gnupg vulnerability  17 May 2001 
These updates address a potential vulnerability which could allow anattacker to compute a user's secret key.
RedHat: kerberos vulnerability  17 May 2001 
These updates close a potential vulnerability present in thegssapi-aware ftpd included in the krb5-workstation package.
RedHat: Zope ZClass security flaw  15 May 2001 
The issue is related to ZClasses in that any user can visit a ZClass declaration and change the ZClass permission mappings for methodsand other objects defined within the ZClass, possibly allowing forunauthorized access within the Zope instance.
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