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RedHat: 'tcpdump' Buffer overflow vulnerability  04 October 2002 
Updated tcpdump, libpcap, and arpwatch packages are available for RedHat Linux 6.2 and 7.x. These updates close a buffer overflow when handlingNFS packets.
RedHat: 'nss_ldap' Buffer overflow vulnerability  04 October 2002 
These updates fix a potential buffer overflow which can occurwhen nss_ldap is set to configure itself using information stored in DNS,a format string bug in logging functions used in pam_ldap, and to properlyhandle truncated DNS responses.
RedHat: PostScript and PDF vulnerability  04 October 2002 
A local buffer overflow was found in gv version 3.5.8 and earlier. ggv versions 1.0.2 and earlier contain code derived from gv and therefore have the same vulnerability. An attacker can create a carefully crafted malformed PDF or PostScript file in such a way that when that file is viewed arbitrary commands can be executed.
RedHat: UPDATE: glibc resolver vulnerabilities  04 October 2002 
A read buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the glibc resolver code in versions of glibc up to and including 2.2.5. The vulnerability is triggered by DNS packets larger than 1024 bytes and can cause applications to crash.
RedHat: 'unzip/tar' Directory traversal vulnerability  29 September 2002 
The unzip and tar utilities contain vulnerabilities which can allowarbitrary files to be overwritten during archive extraction.
RedHat: 'Zope' Multiple vulnerabilities  25 September 2002 
Updated Zope packages are available which fix a number of security issues
RedHat: gaim url handler vulnerability  10 September 2002 
Versions of gaim prior to 0.59.1 contain a bug in the URL handler of the manual browser option. A link can be carefully crafted to contain an arbitrary shell script which will be executed if the user clicks on the link.
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