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RedHat: XFree86 security updates  23 June 2001 
Many bugfixes and security fixes are available for XFree86-3.3.6.
RedHat: FTP iptables kernel vulnerability  23 June 2001 
A vulnerability in iptables "RELATED" connection tracking has beendiscovered. Other general bugfixes present as well.
RedHat: 'exim' format string vulnerability  19 June 2001 
A locally exploitable format string bug has been fixed in the code thathandles batch SMTP.
RedHat: 'LPRng' excessive permission vulnerability  13 June 2001 
When LPRng drops uid and gid, it fails to drop membership in itssupplemental groups.
RedHat: 'gnupg' format string vulnerability  07 June 2001 
Updated GnuPG packages are now available for Red Hat Linux 6.2, 7, and 7.1.These updates include fixes for the recently-discovered format stringvulnerability.
RedHat: 'ispell' temporary files symlink vulnerability  05 June 2001 
The ispell program uses mktemp() to open temporary files - this makes itvulnerable to symlink attacks.
RedHat: 'xinetd' excessive permissions  05 June 2001 
Applications using the xinetdumask and not setting the permissions themselves (like swat from the sambapackage), will create world writable files.
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