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RedHat: Printing system information compromise  26 October 2001 
Ghostscript, apostscript interpreter, can read arbitrary system files with the samepermissions as the print spooler, potentially exposing the system to aninformation compromise.
RedHat: 'mod_auth_pgsql' string vulnerability  24 October 2001 
These updates close a vulnerability which would allow a malicious client tocause a Web server to execute arbitrary SQL statements.
RedHat: 'squid' FTP-based DoS  22 October 2001 
New squid packages are available that fix a potential DoS in Squid's FTPhandling code. It is recommened that squid users update to the fixedpackages.
RedHat: 'diffutils'  20 October 2001 
A temporary file handling vulnerability in the sdiff program has been fixed.
RedHat: 'openssh' Unauthorized access vulnerability  19 October 2001 
pdated openssh packages are now available for Red Hat Linux 7 and 7.1.These packages fix a vulnerability which may allow unauthorized users tolog in from hosts that have been denied access.
RedHat: 'kernel' ptrace vulnerability  19 October 2001 
A vulnerability has been found in the ptrace code of the kernel (ptrace isthe part that allows program debuggers to run) that could be abused bylocal users to gain root privileges.
RedHat: 'util-linux' Elevated privileges vulnerability  16 October 2001 
New util-linux packages are available that fix a problem with /bin/login'sPAM implementation. This could, in some non-default setups, cause users toreceive credentials of other users. It is recommended that all usersupdate to the fixed packages.
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