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RedHat: mysql buffer overflow vulnerability  09 October 2003 
Passwords for MySQL users are stored in the Password field of theuser table. Under this bug, a Password field with a value greater than 16characters can cause a buffer overflow
RedHat: SANE remote vulnerabilities  08 October 2003 
The IP address of the remote host is only checked after the firstcommunication occurs, causing saned.conf restrictions to be ineffective forthe first communication.
RedHat: perl XSS vulnerability  03 October 2003 
Updated Perl packages that fix a security issue in and a cross-sitescripting (XSS) vulnerability in are now available.
RedHat: OpenSSL ASN.1 Parsing vulnerabilities  30 September 2003 
An SSL/TLS testing suite developed by the NISCC (UK National Infrastructure Security Co-Ordination Centre) uncovered ASN.1 parsing vulnerabilities in OpenSSL. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may result in a denial of service.
RedHat: perl Multiple vulnerabilities  22 September 2003 
Updated Perl packages that fix a security issue in and a cross-sitescripting (XSS) vulnerability in are now available.
RedHat: apache/mod_ssl Multiple vulnerabilities  22 September 2003 
Updated Apache and mod_ssl packages that fix several minor security issuesare now available for Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3.
RedHat: sendmail Multiple overflow vulnerabilities  17 September 2003 
Updated Sendmail packages that fix a potentially-exploitable vulnerabilityare now available. The sucessful exploitation of this bug can leadto heap and stack structure overflows.
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