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OpenBSD 2.2: Vulnerabiltiy exists in ping(8)  31 March 1998 
A vulnerability exists in ping(8); if the -R option is used to record routes, an attacker can spoof a reply packet that will overflow inside ping.
OpenBSD 2.2: Vulnerability with /etc/named.conf  31 March 1998 
A vulnerability exists when (and only when) /etc/named.conf has the fake-iquery option enabled.
OpenBSD 2.2: Vulnerabilities with mountd(8)  01 March 1998 
If a line in /etc/exports which contains hostnames results in an empty list because none of the supplied hostnames is known, mountd(8) will accidentally export the filesystem to the world.
OpenBSD 2.2: Vulnerability with shared library lonker ld. (pmax)  27 February 1998 
A security problem in the shared library linker requires that you replace it with a new binary. The following binary will work on both pmax and arc machines
OpenBSD 2.2: Bug in vm system  25 February 1998 
A bug in the vm system permits a file descriptor opened read-only on a device, to later on be mmap(2)'d read-write, and then modified.
OpenBSD 2.2: localhost+remote host vulnerability exists  12 February 1998 
A combination localhost+remote host security problem exists if a local user running a setuid binary causes a non-existant root .rhosts file to be created via a symbolic link with a specific kind of corefile, and then subsequently uses rsh/rlogin to enter the machine from remote.
OpenBSD 2.2: Possible kernel vulnerability  03 February 1998 
If the sysctl variable net.inet.ip.forwarding is enabled (value 1), but the variable net.inet.ip.sourceroute is disabled (value 0).
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