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OpenBSD 2.5: General i386 Y2K fixes  30 August 1999 
This patch corrects various OpenBSD/i386 2.5 problems with Y2K. The 2.6 release (released at 1 Dec 1999) has this problem solved. This patch is just a workaround.
OpenBSD 2.5: Security fix with cron(8)  30 August 1999 
In cron(8), make sure argv[] is NULL terminated in the fake popen() and run sendmail as the user, not as root.
OpenBSD 2.5: Overrun with procfs and fdescfs  12 August 1999 
The procfs and fdescfs filesystems had an overrun in their handling of uio_offset in their readdir() routines. (These filesystems are not enabled by default).
OpenBSD 2.5: execve() system call vulnerability  09 August 1999 
Stop profiling (see profil(2)) when we execve() a new process
OpenBSD 2.5: IPsec vulnerability  06 August 1999 
Packets that should have been handled by IPsec may be transmitted as cleartext. PF_KEY SA expirations may leak kernel resources.
OpenBSD 2.5: /etc/rc changes  05 August 1999 
In /etc/rc, use mktemp(1) for motd re-writing, and change the find(1) to use -execdir.
OpenBSD 2.5: Security issues for chflags(2) and fchflags(2)  30 July 1999 
Do not permit regular users to chflags(2) or fchflags(2) on character or block devices which they may currently be the owner of
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