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OpenBSD: isakmpd SA deletion vulnerability  16 January 2004 
Several message handling flaws in isakmpd(8) have been reported by Thomas Walpuski.
OpenBSD: rsync heap overflow vulnerability  05 December 2003 
A heap overflow exists in rsync versions 2.5.6 and below that canbe used by an attacker to run arbitrary code. The bug only affectsrsync in server (daemon) mode and occurs *after* rsync has droppedprivileges.
OpenBSD: Select Boundry Condition  12 August 2002 
Insufficient boundary checks in the select call allow an attacker to overwrite kernel memory and execute arbitrary code in kernel context.
OpenBSD: Local DoS and root exploit  09 May 2002 
On current OpenBSD systems, any local user (being or not in the wheelgroup) can fill the kernel file descriptors table, leading to a denial ofservice.
OpenBSD: 'rshd/rexecd' Unauthorized access  11 April 2002 
Under certain conditions, on systems using YP with netgroups in thepassword database, it is possible for the rshd(8) and rexecd(8)daemons to execute the shell from a different user's password entry.
OpenBSD: 'mail' Local root compromise  11 April 2002 
OpenBSD 3.0 and 2.9 contain a potential localhost root compromise,found by Milos Urbanek. Earlier versions of OpenBSD are not affected.
OpenBSD: 'OpenSSH 2.3.1' vulnerability  08 February 2001 
There is a vulnerability in OpenSSH-2.3.1, a development snapshot.
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