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NetBSD: Exploitable Vulnerability in Xlockmore  29 May 2000 
xlock can be manipulated to print the shadow password information
NetBSD: Local "cpu-hog" denial of service  29 May 2000 
Untrusted local processes can hog cpu and kernel memory
NetBSD 1.4.2: /etc/ftpchroot parsing broken  29 May 2000 
Users listed in /etc/ftpchroot access to files outside their home directory.
NetBSD: IP options processing Denial of Service  07 May 2000 
Receipt of IP packets with certain sequences of malformed IP options can cause an unaligned access in kernel mode (on many architectures), or data corruption, resulting in a panic or other problems.
NetBSD: procfs security hole (Updated)  21 February 2000 
If the kernel has procfs configured, any user can become root
NetBSD: ptrace(2)'d processes can gain "kernel" privileges on vax  17 February 2000 
Theoretical problem only, no known exploits.
NetBSD: procfs security hole  17 February 2000 
If the proc filesystem is mounted, any user can become root.
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