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NetBSD: Multiple Addendums to recent advisories  20 February 2004 
Here are three mailings from the NetBSD announce list that discuss various gotchas with the recent advisories.
NetBSD: shmat Privilege escalation vulnerability  19 February 2004 
A programming error in the shmat(2) system call can result in a sharedmemory segment's reference count being erroneously incremented.
NetBSD: kernel Denial of service vulnerability  19 February 2004 
A malicious party can cause a remote kernel panic by using ICMPv6 "too big" messages.
NetBSD: racoon Remote deletion of SA  19 February 2004 
IPsec SA/ISAKMP SA may be deleted remotely by malicious third party
NetBSD: BIND Followup on negative cache poisoning vulernability  22 December 2003 
The following excerpts show that include/arpa/inet.h must beupdated from rev 1.12 that ships with 1.6.1 to rev which is thecurrent candidate for 1.6.2.
NetBSD: BIND Negative cache poisoning  17 December 2003 
Several versions of the BIND 8 name server are vulnerable to cachepoisoning via negative responses. To exploit this vulnerability, anattacker must configure a name server to return authoritative negativeresponses for a given target domain.
NetBSD: openssl multiple vulnerabilities  10 October 2003 
OpenSSL had multiple vulnerabilities, they were found by tests performedby NISCC (
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