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NetBSD: sendmail remote exploit  04 March 2003 
A remote vulnerability exists that can result in commands can be executed with administrative privileges.
NetBSD: OpenSSL timing-based attack vulnerability  04 March 2003 
This update fixes a timing-based attack on CBC cipher suites used in SSL and TLS which OpenSSL was found to be vulnerable to.
NetBSD: ftpd STAT output vulnerability  20 November 2002 
ftpd responds to the STAT command in a way that is not standards conformant. This could be used by a malicious party to corrupt state tables in firewall devices between an FTP client and a NetBSD FTP server.
NetBSD: getnetbyname/getnetbyaddr buffer overflow  20 November 2002 
getnetbyname and getnetbyaddr lacked important boundary checks, and are vulnerable to malicious DNS responses, which could cause a buffer overrun on the stack.
NetBSD: bind/bind8 multiple vulnerabilities  20 November 2002 
Several vulnerabilities have been discovered concerning bind 8.
NetBSD: IPFilter FTP proxy vulnerability  05 November 2002 
FTP proxy module in IPFilter package may not adequately maintain the state of FTP commands and responses.
NetBSD: trek buffer overflow  24 October 2002 
There is a buffer overflow in the processing of keyboard input by trek. On NetBSD 1.5 and prior, trek is executed via dm, so a malicious local user could elevate privilege to group "games".
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